Message from the Town Clerk regarding VOTING

The Chichester Town Clerk’s Office is preparing for the  September 8, Primary and November 3 General Elections. It is impossible to predict the course of the COVID-19 public health crisis or how it might be effecting our state in the September and November Elections. Nonetheless, it is important for our voters and election officials to have a clear understanding now about how public health related concerns will be addressed.

It is reasonable to anticipate that voters may feel apprehension about voting in person in September and November.  Voters should not have to choose between their health and exercising their constitutional right to vote.  Thus,  any voter who is unable to vote in person in September or November because of illness from COVID-19 or who fears that voting in person may expose himself/herself or others to COVID-19 have the opportunity to obtain an absentee ballot.  Any voter may request  absentee ballots  for the September and November Elections based on concerns regarding COVID-19.   At this time the Town Clerk is accepting absentee ballot requests for both elections.  Email  or fax 798-3170 or call the town clerk at 798-5350 with your request for an absentee ballot.   Call the town clerk with any questions or concerns.  The town is in the planning process for the September and November  Election and any emergency related orders from the Governor.  Our voting hall is very small and concerns of the 6 feet social distancing  and the limit of voters in the hall is a high priority.   We anticipate long lines waiting outside to vote because of social distancing and the size of our voting hall.    If you feel comfortable voting by absentee the town we encourage this process.