Conservation Commission

About The Chichester Conservation Commission

The Chichester Conservation Commission (CCC) is actively involved in land conservation and environmental protection efforts in town. Each year the CCC establishes goals to help guide these efforts. In addition the CCC reviews and comments on wetland permit application notifications, performs annual monitoring of conservation land, provides technical assistance on environmental issues to other town boards, and a host of other related projects.

In 2003, a natural resources inventory (NRI) was completed. This identified historic/cultural, water resources, wildlife habitat, scenic resources, and other important resources in town. This document helps guide where the CCC will concentrate on acquiring land conservation easements and properties.

In 2008, a high value wetlands inventory was completed as recommended in the NRI. The study identified 28 high value wetlands that serve several functions including flood control, water quality protection and groundwater recharge. The study recommended that these wetlands be afforded additional protection by the Town.

Currently there are several land conservation easements and properties in town. These have been acquired over several years. These properties provide invaluable wildlife habitat, open space, aesthetic, and passive recreational opportunities.

Protecting the environment in town is also a critical aspect for the commission. Baseline water quality monitoring of Marsh (a.k.a. Great Meadow) Pond was begun in June 2004 under the Department of Environmental Services volunteer lake assessment program (VLAP). This beautiful and scenic pond abuts conservation land and receives runoff from the busy Route 4 and Main Street intersection. This monitoring will help determine if runoff and development along Route 4 impacts the pond. In addition, the CCC developed a hiking trail behind the town hall and recommended to the Board of Selectmen that the Trail Dawgs snowmobile club be allowed to establish a trail along the east boundary of the Madeline Sanborn Conservation Area. Other environmental projects have included assisting in the annual Suncook River cleanup day and participating in the volunteer river assessment of the Suncook River.

By protecting the environment, we also protect our health. The CCC encourages practices to protect the groundwater since this is the only source of water in town. Since there is currently no municipal water supply in town, residents and businesses obtain their drinking water from on-site wells. What is done on the land directly influences the quality of the water we drink.

If you have any questions about the CCC or its many projects or wish to volunteer to assist us, please contact the chairman.

Commission Members

Name Title
Robert Mann Chair
Zack Boyajian Member
Dawn Marshall Member
Blaze Konefal Member
Gordon Jones Member
Marianne DiTaranto Member
Frank Harrison Member
Jim Eggers Alternate