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Proposed Outdoor Lighting Ordinance

1.      Purpose.  The intent of this Ordinance is to improve visibility of the nighttime
        sky without impacting safety, by reducing lighting conditions including but not
        limited to, glare, light trespass and sky glow.

2.      Definitions.

        Luminaire:  a lighting fixture that includes a lamp or lamps.

        Foot-candle:  illumination produced by one lumen uniformly distributed over one         square  foot of a surface.

        Fully-shielded lighting:  lighting in which the light rays emitted by the fixture are only
        projected below the horizontal plane that passes through the lowest part of     the luminaire.

        Glare:  light emitted by a lamp in direct line-of-sight contact with the viewer.

        Light trespass:  light produced by a luminaire or luminaires beyond the property line on
        which they are located.

        Sky glow:  light from a luminaire that is emitted above the horizontal plane that passes
        through the lowest part of the luminaire.

3.      Regulations.

        A.      Application.  This Ordinance applies to the Commercial-Industrial / Multifamily
                Zone and the Village District, and to home occupations and businesses in all

        B.      General Lighting Restrictions.
                (i)     All luminaires shall be fully shielded and shall not cause sky glow.

                (ii)    Light trespass greater than two-tenths (0.2) of a foot candle at the line of
                        any abutting property, not including public roadways, is prohibited.

                (iii)   No luminaire shall emit glare beyond a property line.

                (iv)    Total illumination shall be the lowest intensity possible for the intended

                (v)     It is recommended that lighting be reduced after a business closes and that
                        motion detector lighting is used.

        C.      Gas Station-Type Canopies.  Luminaires mounted on a canopy shall be recessed
                in the ceiling of the canopy so that the lens cover is recessed or mounted flush
                with the ceiling of the canopy and fully shielded.  Luminaires shall not be
                mounted on the sides or top of the canopy, and the sides or facias of the canopy
                shall not be illuminated.

        D.      Lighted Advertising Signs.

                (i)     Moving, fluttering, blinking, or flashing lights or signs and electronic
                        message signs are prohibited.

                (ii)    The outdoor operation of searchlights, lasers, or other high-   intensity
                        beams for advertising purposes, is prohibited.

        E.      Pre-existing Outdoor Lighting.

                (i)     Any luminaire that replaces a non-conforming, pre-existing luminaire, or
                        any luminaire that is moved, shall meet the standards of this Ordinance.

                (ii)    Pre-existing luminaires that cause glare on any public roadways shall fully
                        comply with this Ordinance immediately.

                (iii)   All pre-existing luminaires shall be in compliance with this    Ordinance by
                        January 1, 2011.

4.      Exceptions.  The following are exempt from this Ordinance:

                (i)     Temporary luminaires required for construction projects (not to exceed 90
                        days), possible extension may be granted through the Board of Selectmen.

                (ii)    Luminaires related to police, fire, or other emergency services,

                (iii)   Hazard warning luminaries required by federal regulatory agencies, and

                (iv)    Low intensity temporary seasonal lighting

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