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Town Organization Minutes 10/25/2007
Chichester Town Organization Committee
Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:   October 25, 2007
Minutes Prepared By:  Bruce Dyke
In Attendance:  Bruce Dyke, Norm Larachelle, Allen Mayville, Paul Twomey
Not in Attendance:  Lisa Drouse
Location:  Selectmen’s Office Conference Room
Minutes Approved:  

       -    The meeting started at 6:15pm

      -         Draft minutes from the May 23, 2007 meeting were reviewed and approved without

-     Bruce reviewed the results of a meeting with the Selectmen (back in July) in which they
      asked the TOC to help organize a regional association meeting with our surrounding towns, as
      recommended in our report dated Feb 21, 2007.   The Selectmen were provided a draft letter
      by the Committee which would be finalized by them and sent to the surrounding towns in
       order to gauge interest in participating in an regional association.  The Selectmen had also  
       asked the TOC to run the first meeting.

-     Bruce provided the group with an update regarding responses to the Selectmen's letter to the surrounding towns dated August 15, 2007.  At this point, Epsom, Barnstead, Pittsfield and Pembroke have indicated their willingness to participate.  Loudon has opted not to participate at this time.

-     The group outlined proposed agenda items for the planned meeting.  It was agreed that in addition to general "housekeeping" items that would need to be covered concerning the structure of the group, meeting frequency, on-going communication, etc., part of the meeting would also be devoted to sharing information about each town's budget goals and any major projects anticipated for the upcoming year.

-     Paul Twomey suggested the meeting participants each be provided a copy of the TOC's Final Report prior to the meeting.

-     Bruce indicated he would contact all individuals identified for participation in the meeting and try to establish a date, which would most likely be during the second half of November.  The meeting is expected to be held in Chichester's Grange Hall.

-       The next meeting of the Committee meeting will be in conjunction with the Regional Association meeting (date TBD).

-       The meeting adjourned at 6:40pm.

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