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Suncook Valley Regional Town Assn. MInutes 04/15/2010
Suncook Valley Regional Town Association
Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:  April 15, 2010

Minutes Prepared By:  Bruce Dyke

In Attendance:  

Jim Barnard – Town of Barnstead – Selectman
Keith Cota – Town of Epsom - Selectman
Bruce Dyke – Chichester Town Organization Committee
David Jodoin – Town of Pembroke – Town Administrator
Steve Leighton – Town of Strafford - Selectman
Allen Mayville – Chichester Town Organization Committee
Gordon Preston – Town of Barnstead
David Stack – Town of Northwood – Town Administrator
Ed Vien – Town of Pittsfield - Selectman
Location:  Northwood Town Hall
Minutes Approved: 6/17/10

-       The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Bruce Dyke

-       The draft minutes of the February 18, 2010 meeting were reviewed and comments/changes were solicited.  A motion was made by Gordon Preston to accept the minutes as presented and seconded by Ed Vien.  The minutes were unanimously approved by for attendees.

-       Bruce thanked David Stack and the Town of Northwood for hosting the meeting.

-       Bruce indicated that the Police Dept Operations Survey was 99% complete, but needed to add the final responses from Barnstead (provided at the start of the meeting).  The group agreed that the survey should be considered “finalized” after Barnstead’s responses were added and could be shared outside the SVRTA at their discretion.   

-       Bruce indicated that Allenstown’s Chief of Police (Shaun Mullholland) and Temple/Greenville’s Chief of Police (James McTague) were contacted about providing separate presentations at the June SVRTA meeting.   Chief Mullholland was asked to provide a high-level, conceptual overview of pro’s/con’s and overall issues to consider regarding potential regionalization of PDs.  Chief McTague was asked to provide an overview of the process taken by Greenville/Temple to combine their PDs and the benefits/challenges observed since that time.   Each town should ensure their respective police chief is aware of the June meeting so they can attend if interested.

-       The group was provided an overview by William Bald of Melcher & Prescott regarding the services they may be able to provide to the SVRTA towns specific to our current health insurance cooperative agreement which will expire at the end of this year.  Mr. Bald felt his group could bring value in finding suitable, cost-effective plans for the SVRTA towns and could offer suggested plan changes to help control costs and potentially improve coverage levels in some cases.  The group agreed (at Bill’s request) to provide copies of the most recent invoice for health benefits in order for him to determine the number of plans in place at each town, as well as the current rates for each.  Each town is also in the process of contacting their current health insurance broker to request claims history that will be provided to Bill as soon as it’s available.  Bill will provide a format quote for broker services to the group once he has the necessary data and each town will have to pursue approval from their respective BoS, with some sort of pro-ration of costs across the SVRTA towns to be determined at that time.  Bill felt that it was realistic to have proposals ready for review by mid-summer.

-       Bruce indicated that he had invited a representative from Glacial Energy to attend the meeting and discuss a recent proposal for reduced electric rates for the SVRTA towns.  However, no confirmation or follow-up from the vendor was received.  Bruce noted that the proposal for multiple towns seemed very similar to one he had seen for just the town of Chichester and therefore, it didn’t appear as though there was any additional savings with more towns included.  Given the “spotty” responsiveness of the vendor, it was suggested that each town pursue a wholesale contract with them if interested.

-       David Jodoin provided an update regarding the potential for a shared shooting range for local police department officer certifications.  Currently, Pembroke is talking with their Rod & Gun club about some property they own in Allenstown which may be suitable.  Pembroke’s police chief is putting together specs and details will be shared with the other SVRTA towns once the process is further along.  It was suggested that this issue be discussed during the June meeting which will likely include many of the local police chiefs.

-       David Jodoin raised the issue of potential bulk purchases of ammunition for police department use (mainly for certification/training).  Each town agreed to provide David with an estimate of quantity expended per year as well as the type(s) of ammunition used.  This item will also be discussed at the June meeting.

-       Keith Cota provided the group with an update on the on-going frustration in Epsom regarding the Suncook River avulsion issue.  The most recent grant request to stabilize the current river bank/channel was rejected and Epsom’s BoS has written a very pointed letter to Governor Lynch regarding the issue.

-       The next meeting will be held Thursday, June 17th at 7pm.  The location will be at Pembroke’s Town Hall.

-       A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Jim Barnard and seconded by Ed Vien. The meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.  

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