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Road Advisory Committee Minutes 08/05/2013
Chichester Road Advisory Committee
Minutes of August 5, 2013, meeting

Present: Terry McCormack (chair), Doug Hall, Jeff Jordan, Dave Dobson, Jim Plunkett
Absent: Tom Jameson, Stan Brehm, Alan Mayville, Jr., John Amsden, Richard Millette
Public present: Philip Hitchcock

Chairman McCormack called the meeting to order at 6:32.

Jim Plunkett presented his cost estimates for Horse Corner Road #9 ($80,096); Bear Hill Road #1 ($92,641); Bear Hill Road #2 ($94,893); Bear Hill Road #3 ($118,322); Bear Hill Road #4 ($69,348). Discussion followed regarding whether the few hundred feet beyond Lane Road needed to be done. The segment of Horse Corner near the Luikmil’s home was also noted as in dire need of repair.

It was noted that the DBU bid for all road sections this year was $398,000. Those sections were specified in the bid specs to total about 6,735 feet or 1.27 miles. This was about $313,000 per mile.

Doug noted that the RAC had already made its recommendations to CIP. The specific road segments need not be part of the CIP recommendations. It is possible that the total for projects for 2014 will be less than the #373 submitted to CIP. The RAC will decide on any change in the amount for 2014 in time for the normal town budget process in late fall.

Jim reported that there had been a communication problem with the CIP committee. Jim has received communications from that committee that implied he had not sent them input sheets for their work. The cause may be the change in mail servers or other technical problems. CIP has not communicated with the RAC or requested a meeting. Doug said he would follow up with Jamie Pike to determine what had happened.

Jim reported on the progress of the 2013 reconstruction projects on Pleasant Street and Kelly Corner Road. It is likely that all work will be completed by the end of August. Jim is taking photos of the progress of the work to document what is being done.

Jim reported that he had not received any traffic count reports from the Planning Commission from the counters that had been out in recent months.

The next meeting of the RAC will be at 6:30pm, Monday, August 26. The RAC will ask the CIP committee to make this a joint meeting. If that is done, the meeting may be held in the Town Hall or Fire Department.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Submitted by Doug Hall

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