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Road Advisory Committee Minutes 07/15/2013
Road Advisor Committee
Meeting Minutes Monday, July 15, 2013

Present:  Terry McCormack, John Amsden, (road agent)Jim Plunkett, Richard Millette, Doug Hall, Alan Mayville, Dave Dobson, (selectman) Jeff Jordan

Absent: Tom Jameson, Stan Brehm

Chairman McCormack called the meeting to order at 6:31 P.M.  Monday, July 15th 2013

A discussion ensued on the road assessments of Bear Hill sections one through four and Horse Corner Rd sections six and nine.  There was a consensus that the Bear hill road sections were generally more in need of reconstruction than the Horse corner road sections.  The committee also reviewed the traffic counts on these roads.  However, more information was needed before recommending which sections of the roads would be slated for reconstruction in 2014.  Jim Plunkett was asked to do the rough estimate for each of the six sections and report at the next meeting.

A motion was made (Hall) and seconded (Mayville) to submit the following to the CIP committee:
The Road advisory committee recommends $373,000.00 be included in the 2014 budget for major road reconstruction.  Subsequent estimated budget recommendation for the following nine years – predicted to increase at an inflation rate of .035 percent – are 386,055.00,  399,567.00,  413,552.00,  428,056.00,  443,007.00,  458,512.00,  474,560.00,  491,170.00,  508,361.00.  
Motion passed.

John Amsden indicated he would put together the reports that were previously gathered from the road agents of four other towns of similar size for review by the committee.  Terry McCormack will email the four reports to John.

A next meeting date of Monday, August 5th, at the Highway garage was set.

Motion made (Amsden) and seconded (Hall) to adjourn at 7:43 P.M..
Motion passed

Respectfully submitted:  John Amsden

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