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Road Advisory Committee Minutes 02/27/2012
Chichester Road Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
February 27th, 2012
At the Town Hall

Present: Doug Hall (Chairman), Jim Plunkett (Road Agent), Stan Brehm, ~John Amsden, Richard DeBold(Selectman), ~ Tom Jameson, Terry McCormack Allen Mayville, Dave Dobson

Guests:  Richard Moore

Chairman Hall opened the meeting at 6:33 PM.

Motion to approve the draft minutes from February 9th RAC meeting ~by Mr. DeBold and seconded by McCormack. ~~Motion carried.

The committee reviewed a PowerPoint training session to educate themselves
In the manner necessary to be able to review the roads objectively.  The PowerPoint presentation was provided by UNH in conjunction with the Road Surface Management System (RSMS).  

Mr. Plunkett suggested two segments of Town roads that would be reviewed by each member.  The segments are: 1)  Pleasant street from Healy Pasture to what was Berry Rd (the western entrance to Del Lea Country Club and 2) Horse Corner Rd from the Pembroke town line to Connemara Dr.  After further discussion it was agreed that each member would individually review each segment prior to the next committee meeting (March 19) and at would, at that meeting, compare their results with the other committee members.

Mr. Plunkett reviewed the additional road segments he created as requested by the Committee.  

A motion was made  to modify the Committeeís earlier recommendation concerning E. Ricker Rd (which was to rehabilitate the entire length of E. Ricker Rd) to support that as submitted by Mr. Plunkett which is to rehabilitate only the worst section of the road.  Additional discussion ensued.  
The motion carried with the reasoning that due to budgetary constraints and differing conditions on the two sections of the road it made sense to only rehabilitate the worst section of the road.

Next meeting dates (all at 6:30 P.M.):
Monday March 19      - at the Town Highway Garage
Monday April 9     - at the Town Highway Garage

Motion to adjourn by Mr. Brehm, seconded by Mr. DeBold. ~Motion carried at 8:10 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
John Amsden

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