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Road Advisory Committee Minutes 01/09/2012
Chichester Road Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
January 9th, 2012
At the Chichester Town Hall

Present: Doug Hall (Chairman), Dave Dobson, Jim Plunkett (Road Agent), Stan Brehm,  John Amsden, Richard DeBold(Selectman),  Allen Mayville, Tom Jameson, Terry McCormack

Absent: none

Chairman Hall opened the meeting at 6:30 PM.
Motion to approve draft minutes from December 12th RAC meeting  by Mr. DeBold
and seconded by Mr. Brehm.   Motion carried.

Discussion about minor changes to the 2011 Report of the Road Advisory Committee
report.  Those changes were all approved.

The committee received some documentation and comments from members of the public present at the meeting  concerning the original construction of the Fredwood Drive (thought to be in 1980). There was much discussion concerning the committee’s recommendation to return Fredwood Drive to a gravel road.  Several options were considered (remove the recommendation from the report, leave the recommendation as-is (return to gravel road), completely rehabilitate the road including the original recommendation and pave the road).  The committee voted in the majority to remove the recommendation from the report for any major 2012 work.

Considerable discussion ensued concerning the committee’s recommendation to rehabilitate all of East Ricker road in Chichester.  Mr. DeBold made a motion to reduce the work envisioned to “from the western town line with Loudon to the Day property at the top of the hill.  There was no second to the motion and thus, no change to the recommendation.

Motion by Mr. Amsden, second by Mr. McCormack to adjust the figures concerning the Perry Brook road FEMA grant.  The figures in question are the current estimates of the amount that the town can claim as expenditures (estimated $30,000.00) towards the Perry Brook road project and the amount that the town must raise ( estimated $15,000.00) to satisfy the total amount necessary to support the FEMA grant ($45,000.00) based on figures that would be supplied by road agent Plunkett.  This motion carried.   

For the sake of clarity the figures subsequently provided by road agent Plunkett were $22,800.00 (already expended) and $22,200.00 (to be raised by warrant).

Motion to approve the 2011 Report of the Road Advisory Committee and declare it a final
report not withstanding the figures to be changed (see previous motion) by Mr. Mayville, seconded by Mr. Jameson.  Motion carried unanimously.

Discussion concerning need to provide summary report derived from 2011 Report of the Road Advisory Committee to be included in the town report.  Chairman Hall agreed to create this report.

Chairman Hall asked all members submit agenda items for subsequent meetings.

Next meeting dates (all at the Town Highway Garage at 6:30 P.M.):
Monday February 6
Monday February 27
Monday March 19
Monday April 9

Motion to adjourn by Mr. Brehm, seconded by Mr. Amsden.  Motion carried at 8:50 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
John Amsden

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