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Road Advisory Committee Minutes 08/29/2011
Chichester Road Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
August 29, 2011
Chichester Highway Office
Committee Members - Doug Hall, Richard DeBold, Dave Dobson, Tom Jameson, Stan Brehm, Alan Mayville, Jim Plunket (Road Agent)
Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission representative  (CNHRPC)– Ruairi O’Mahony

Chairman Hall brought the meeting to order at 6:35 PM.

Previous meeting (Aug. 15, 2011) minutes were not approved due to no one having a copy of the minutes.  Item tabled until next meeting.

Chairman Hall reported on his meeting with the CIP Committee.  He presented information to them on the RAC recommendations regarding Fredwood Drive and East Ricker Road. He explained that the CIP Committee had not had any information on the Perry Brook project as proposed by the Road Agent/RAC for 2012.  He explained the project to the CIP Committee and provided them with the funding information. He also explained to the CIP Committee that any Highway Dept. vehicle purchases would be submitted to the Fleet Needs Committee for their review and processing.

Mr. O’Mahony distributed a map of Chichester which showed all the Town’s roads, divided into road segments categorized by surface condition and explained. He also reported that he spent some time with Jim P. on Aug. 25th in the Highway Office setting up the Town’s computer with the RSMS (Road Surface Management System)  software and entering  some ’trial’ data

Mr. O’Mahony proceeded to demonstrate to the Committee the RSMS version 10 program on the Road Agent’s computer in the Highway Office.  Considerable discussion and many questions from the Committee were voiced on the many specifics of the data available, the process of entering/updating data, and how the road condition information could be used and presented through the use of the RSMS program. Mr. O’Mahony will be returning to the Chichester Highway Department on Sept. 7th to install the RSMS version 11 program and complete the data entering process into that newer version.  The roadway data is from the information gathered by the CNHRPC interns during their field investigations and road condition assessments of all the Class V roads in Chichester.

The Committee discussed to some length the idea of holding a public meeting later in the Fall to present the RSMS system and it’s benefits for the long term planning and scheduling of roadway maintenance and repairs in Chichester.  Members of the committee felt that it would be best to hold the public meeting after everyone was comfortable using the RSMS software and data. Also at the public meeting it was suggested that the RAC would present a projected 10 year roadway plan for maintenance, upgrades and reconstructions.

It was agreed that CNHRPC will take traffic accounts for a full week at the 5 locations previously done for less than a full week. In addition, Jim will provide CNHRPC with 5 additional locations for weeklong traffic counts.

Chairman Hall voiced his ideas on the need for Chichester to focus on keeping the Town’s roads out of the ‘repair/reconstruction’ category (with very high dollar costs), by concentrating it’s efforts on a well planned and committed program of regular and thorough maintenance.

Next scheduled meetings (all at Highway Department office)
6:30pm, Monday, September 12
6:30pm, Monday, September 26

Motion to adjourn by Richard DeBold. Seconded by Tom Jameson.  Motion carries.

Adjourned at 8:15 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard DeBold

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