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Planning Board Minutes 10/02/2014
Chichester Planning Board
Minutes of Meeting
Thursday, October 2, 2014

Members Present: Chairman Kevin Mara, Vice-Chairman Tom Jameson, Stan Brehm, Richard Moore, Allen Mayville, Alan Williams.

Others Present: Dale Halquist, Jason Weir, Joan Halquist, Lucille Noel, Stephen MacCleery, Sr., and others.

Vice Chairman Jameson called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.

Chairman Mara appointed Alternate member Alan Williams as a voting member for the purposes of this meeting.

The minutes of September 4, 2014 were reviewed.  A motion was made by Mr. Mayville and seconded by Mr. Williams to approve the minutes as amended.  Motion passes.

Lot Line Adjustment: Map 7 Lot 4 and Map 8 Lot 25, Jason and Melinda Weir and Dale Halquist respectively, located off Hilliard Road.

Mr. Jason Weir was present to speak on the merits of the application.

The purpose of this lot line adjustment is to transfer 25.8± acres from Map 8 Lot 25 to Map 7 Lot 4.  The subject acreage is backland and does not grant additional road frontage to the receiving party.

There were questions from the Board regarding the conformity of the new lots.  The new lots are 118± and 78± acres in the residential and rural-agricultural zones.  Mr. Moore reviewed the checklist items with the Board.  The plans do not show general topography; the Board determined this item was not an essential matter due to the size of the lots.  The plans do not show abutting water supply and sewage disposal.  This item was accepted as incomplete.  Mr. Brehm noted that the plan is of a greater scale than requested.

A motion was made to accept the application as complete by Mr. Mayville and seconded by Mr. Williams.  Motion passes.

The Board waived the requirement for a scale of 1”:100’ and allow the scale of 1”:200’ as submitted.

A motion was made to approve the application as submitted by Mr. Mayville and seconded by Mr. Jameson.  Motion passes.

Other business:
Community Charrette - Ms. Noel presented information regarding the community charrette.  There will be a special presentation by on October 18th at the Historical Society entitled; “Thinking in a different way about our community and its future”.  On Friday, 10/17 during the day, the planners will be viewing the area covered by the Charrette. The first public session will be at 3:30pm with a potluck supper following and a second session at 6:30pm.  The Saturday sessions will include the above mentioned workshop and at 3:30pm there will be a presentation to the Town based on the findings from the listening sessions on Friday.  There will be a final planning team session on 10/13 at 7pm at the Historical Society.

The Board was presented a final contract for the review of the Impact Fee schedule that is to be updated.  This contract in in the amount of $1,500 to Central NH Regional Planning Commission.  The CNHRPC completed the last update for $3,000 and reduced the fee due to the limited amount of work to complete a new update. A motion was made to approve the contract for the Impact Fee Study to the Central NH Regional Planning Commission in the amount of $1,500 by Mr. Williams and seconded by Mr. Mara.  Motion passes.

The Board will meet on October 23rd for a special meeting to review a subdivision application.

The Board discussed the installation of the signs at Chichester Commons.  The Board mentione that the scale of the signs fit the property proportionately.  

Mr. Moore updated the Board with respect to the 10 year DOT plan.  The Chichester projects of King Road and Main Street were bumped off the list.  Mr. Moore met with Betsy Bosiak (Epsom Planning Board) regarding the fatal accident at the Depot Road/Route 28 intersection.  They spoke with Mike Tardiff (CNHRPC) about how to get this project back on the plan with a greater priority.  Epsom is willing to join with Chichester in lobbying for the project.  Mr. Pike was referred by Mr. Jameson to look into Highway Safety Improvement Funds as a possible mechanism to fund such a project.

The Board reviewed other intersections discussed were Bailey Road and the access and discharge of traffic to/from the businesses located west of Bailey Road.  Other topics discussed were turning lanes/reverse direction lanes on Route 4.  

Signage Ordinance – The Board discussed bringing the ordinance back to the table.  Mr. Moore would like to discuss particular sections, such as banners.  Other areas for improvement may be the electronic message boards, etc.  Mr. Brehm also discussed regulation of residential and agricultural signs.

The Board will discuss the signage ordinance and the Master Plan during the November 6th meeting.

Being no further discussion, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 7:35pm.  Motion passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie A Pike                                                    Not approved until signed.

Kevin J Mara, DVM

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