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Planning Board Minutes 03/06/2014
Chichester Planning Board
Minutes of Meeting
March 6, 2014

Members Present:  Chairman Kevin Mara, Vice-Chair Tom Jameson, Ex-Officio Jeffrey Jordan, Stan Brehm, Tom Houle, Allen Mayville, Richard Moore, Richard Arell, Alan Williams, Mike Williams.

Chairman Mara called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.

The minutes of January 30, 2014 were reviewed.  A motion was made by Mr. Brehm and seconded by Mr. Jordan to approve the minutes as written.  Motion passes.

The minutes of February 6, 2014 were reviewed.  A motion was made by Mr. Jameson and seconded by Mr. Mayville to approve the minutes as written.  Motion passes.

The end of term dates were reviewed for all members.  Those members expiring this year are Tom Jameson and Alan Williams.  The Board was in agreement to recommend both members for re-appointment for three years.

The Board discussed the election approaching on March 11th.  There are various members that will be campaigning at the Town Hall and providing information to interested voters throughout the day.

Mr. Weir, Map 7 Lot 4, has requested that the Board of Selectmen transfer those rights associated with the rangeway that passes through his property.  The purpose of the transfer is to allow a lot line adjustment with Mr. LaValley, Map 7 Lot 3.  In order to complete this transaction, the Board of Selectmen must receive an official opinion from the Planning Board and the Conservation Commission prior to holding a public hearing on the matter. These situations rarely come up, but the particular surveyor in this matter feels that the transfer of rights is necessary to complete the project.  There are many schools of thought on the ownership of rangeways.  The standing of NHMA is that they are merely an archaic system and typically ignored.  The other beliefs are that the actual land remains in the ownership of the heirs to the proprietors of the Town, the ownership lies with the Town, or that they are merely easements.  In this case, much research has been completed and a deed was located in the NH State Papers Volume 29 Page 216, coming from the Masonian Papers Volume 1, Page 57 dated July 31, 1746.  This deed, with reasonable translation transfers the rights of the rangeways to the 16 Towns of Portsmouth, Dover, Exeter, Hampton, Gosport, Kingstown, Derry, Chester, Nottingham, Barrington, Rochester, Canterbury, Bow, Chichester, Epsom and Barnstead.  Mr. Jordan stated that he believes the Board of Selectmen is inclined to grant the transfer of rights in this case.  

A motion was made by Mr. Mayville and seconded by Mr. Jordan to provide a non-opposing opinion to the Board in this matter.  Motion passes.

Being no further discussion a motion was made by Dr. Mara and seconded by Mr. Mayville to adjourn the meeting at 7:46pm.  

Respecfully Submitted,                                                  
Not approved until signed.

Jamie A Pike

Kevin J Mara, DVM

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