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Planning Board Minutes 05/16/2013
Chichester Planning Board
Minutes of Meeting
May 16, 2013

Members Present:  Ex-Officio Jeffrey Jordan, Stan Brehm, Thomas Houle, Allen Mayville, Alan Williams, and Secretary Jamie A Pike.

Acting Chairman Stan Brehm called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.

Pursuant to RSA 673:11, Alan Williams was appointed as a voting member for the purposes of this meeting in the absence of Richard Moore.

The minutes of April 4th were reviewed.  Mr. Houle proposed an amendment to reflect that there was one abstention upon the election of officers.  A motion was made by Mr. Mayville and seconded by Mr. Houle to approve the minutes as amended.  Motion passes.

Subdivision: Scott & Wayne Bartlett, Map 8 Lot 6 located on Depot Road

Scott and Wayne Bartlett were present to speak on the merits of the application.

Abutters present were Lori Littlefield-Baas and Jay Baas of 11 Depot Road.

Scott and Wayne reviewed the plans with the Board.  The purpose of the plan is to alter the configuration of the existing 3 lots into 2 lots each partially in Epsom and Chichester.  The Town of Epsom has previously granted approvals for a road frontage Variance and for the Lot Line Adjustment.

Mr. Baas explained to the Board that he believes that the septic system is partly within the right of way of the Town.  This portion of ROW is that of the old location of Depot Road and a fair distance from the existing travelled lanes.

The Board discussed two amendments to the plan that shall be included on the final mylars.
1. add the wetlands delineation symbol to the Legend
        2. add a note that states there are no wetlands located on lot #2

Being no further discussion, a motion was made by Mr. Mayville and seconded by Mr. Jordan to approve the application with the above noted amendments as precedent conditions.  Motion passes.

Sign Ordinance Development:  Central NH Regional Planning Commission

The CNHRPC was invited to assist the Planning Board in updating the current Sign Ordinance.  Mike Tardiff and Matt Monahan were present as representatives.  The CNHRPC was afforded an opportunity to review the current ordinance and a proposed ordinance that was drafted a few years ago.  Discussion about moving forward with revisions included receiving feedback from the members of the Board, looking at other towns for comparison, surveying the local businesses and possible meeting with local businesses.  There was much discussion about who should be the approving authority for new or altered signs that were not associated with a Site Review and revisions to the proposed Master Signage Plan.  CNHRPC expressed that the proposed ordinance was very thorough and left little gray area.  There was also much discussion about how the Board needs to look at a sign purely in its construction and design; and not it’s content to avoid any 1st Amendment issues.  CNHRPC will revisit with the Board at the July meeting.

Due to July 4th being the first Thursday, the meeting is rescheduled to July 11th.

Being no further business, a motion was made by Mr. Jordan and seconded by Mr. Houle to adjourn the meeting at 8:00pm.  Motion passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie A Pike

Stanley Brehm
Acting Chairman

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