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Planning Board Minutes 04/04/2013
Chichester Planning Board
Minutes of Meeting
April 4, 2013

Members present:  Chairman Kevin Mara, Vice Chairman Tom Jameson, Stan Brehm, Tom Houle, Allen Mayville, Richard Moore, and Secretary Jamie A Pike.

Chairman Mara called the meeting to order at 6:40pm.

The minutes of March 7, 2013 were reviewed.  A motion was made by Mr. Brehm and seconded by Mr. Mayville to approve the minutes as written with a minor spelling correction.  Motion passes.

The office had received a request for initial comment on the proposal of a temporary outdoor haunted house attraction.  The Board’s initial concerns were traffic, lighting, safety, fire control, and sound.  The person requesting the information will be invited to a meeting of the Board at a future date.

The Board reviewed a subdivision approval from 1986.   A parcel was recently taken by Tax Deed and it was determined that the Board at the time of approval placed a condition upon the lot that it be not used for residential or animal grazing purposes.  Such restrictions may no longer be needed and the Board was asked to consider the removal of these restrictions to make the property more marketable.  Additional input shall be sought before any decisions are made.

Mr. Pike asked the Board to consider the hiring of a mediator to guide the process of working on the Signage Ordinance and other amendments to the zoning.  Mr. Pike recommended CNHRPC for their value of work.  The Board agreed to have CNHRPC come to the next meeting and discuss the project.

Election of Officers  A motion was made to nominate Dr. Mara as Chairman and Mr. Jameson as Vice-Chair for the ensuing year by Mr. Brehm and seconded Mr. Mayville.  There were 5 in favor and 1 abstention. Dr. Mara and Mr. Jameson graciously accepted the positions.

Committee Appointments  Mr. Mayville was nominated to replace Mr. Moore as a representative on the CIP Committee.  Mr. Mayville’s nomination shall be forwarded to the Board of Selectmen for confirmation.

Being no further business, a motion was made by Mr. Jameson and seconded by Mr. Brehm to adjourn the meeting at 7:20pm.


Jamie A Pike

Kevin J Mara, DVM

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