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Planning Board Minutes 01/03/2013
Chichester Planning Board
Minutes of Meeting
January 3, 2013

Members Present: Chairman Kevin Mara, Vice-Chair Thomas Jameson (late arrival), Ex-Officio Jeffrey Jordan, Richard Arell, Stan Brehm, Allen Mayville, Richard Moore, Thomas Houle (alt), Alan Williams (alt), and Secretary Jamie A Pike.

Chairman Mara called the meeting to order at 6:32pm.

Pursuant to RSA 673:11, Chairman Mara appointed Mr. Williams as a voting member for the purposes of this meeting in the absence of Thomas Jameson.

The minutes of December 6, 2012 were reviewed.  A motion was made by Mr. Brehm and seconded by Mr. Mayville to approve the minutes as written.  Motion passes.

Conceptual Review: ProQuip Map 4 Lot 160

Tim Golde, PE, was present to speak on the merits of the proposal.  The applicant, ProQuip Equipment Rental and Sales, proposes to construct a 6,400 sq/ft commercial building with garage and office space. Presented was a plan, detailing the footprint of the building, associated parking, landscaping and dimensional depictions of the building.  There were 20 parking spaces provided for, it was noted that it required 32.  An infiltration storm water basin is included to manage any water run-off.  The utilities are proposed to be underground. Minimal exterior lighting is proposed, and any outside lights will be on timers to reduce lighting after operating hours, but will also be on motion sensors for security and safety.  Mr. Golde shall return to the Board in February with a completed application and finalized plans.  A public hearing shall be scheduled.

Other Business:

Mr. Douglas Hall was present to speak to the Board regarding various signage issues on Dover Road.  The Board updated Mr. Hall about the letters that were prepared for Lugg Plaza and Bobcat of NH.  

The Board discussed the forwarding of a letter to all commercial property owners informing them about general signage and lighting issues that have been noticed, without alleging any specific violations.  The owners will be encouraged to self-inventory their properties to determine compliance.  A copy of the Zoning Ordinance will also be included at no charge as a courtesy.  (Letter Attached)

Being no further business, a motion was made by Mr. Mayville and seconded by Mr. Jordan to adjourn the meeting at 7:54pm.  Motion passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie A Pike

                                                Not Approved Until Signed.

Kevin J Mara, DVM

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