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Planning Board Minutes 04/01/2010
Chichester Planning Board
Minutes of Meeting
April 1, 2010

Members present:  Chairman Tom Jameson, Ex-Officio Jeff Jordan, Richard Arell, Stan Brehm, Kevin Mara, Allen Mayville, Mike Valotto, and Secretary Jamie Pike.

Chairman Jameson opened the meeting at 6:40pm.

Pursuant to RSA 679:11, Chairman Jameson appointed Mr. Mayville and Mr. Valotto as voting members to fill a an absence and a vacancy.

Election of Officers  A motion was made by Dr. Mara and seconded by Mr. Arell to appoint Mr. Jameson as Chairman and Mr. Moore as Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year.  Motion passes.

Minutes of March 4, 2010  A motion was made by Dr. Mara and seconded by Mr. Arell to approve the minutes as written.  Motion passes.

Mary Finlayson.  Home Occupation [Pet grooming, boarding and training.] Map 3 Lot 72 at 14 King Road

Mary Finlayson, applicant and Jeff Greene, surveyor, were present to speak on the merits of the application.

Ms. Finlayson presented a site plan of the proposed home occupation.  As required by the Board at a previous meeting, only the primary development area was shown.  Those wetlands found to be located on the property do not interfere with the development area.  Pictures of the lot were presented to the Board to detail the existing conditions of the property.  Areas were also shown in detail for the proposed parking.  There are seven parking spaces currently planned and an area for five additional spaces has been delineated for future parking if needed.  This future parking area is not intended to be immediately constructed and would only be built if necessary.  Ms. Finlayson explained to the Board that most patrons are on the site for a very limited time while dropping off or picking up their pets.

The primary business is pet grooming and training.  Training will be conducted in the garage and grooming will be conducted in the basement of the existing home.  Ms. Finlayson proposes to conduct some “doggie-daycare” and overnight care.  Any overnight care would be limited to small dogs or dogs with special needs.  The classes are limited by the size of the facility and in this case class sizes are expected to be of five dogs or less.

Ms. Finlayson presented a sketch of the proposed sign of approximately 6 square feet.  The sign is not proposed to be illuminated.

Mr. Greene detailed the existing lighting upon the property.  There is no intention by the applicant to alter the existing lighting.  There was concern raised by the Board regarding the lack of a formal lighting plan.

A motion was made by Dr. Mara and seconded by Mr. Mayville to accept the application as complete.  Motion passes.

Chairman Jameson opened the Public Hearing for the application.

Abutters present:  Jo Ann & Willis Gove, Chester & Mary McPhail, James and Gloria Krochmal, and Board member Allen Mayville.

Ms. Finlayson provided an overview of the business to the abutters present.  Ms. Finlayson explained that there were no outside kennels proposed.  There is going to be a fenced play area to the rear of the house for her personal and customer’s dogs.

There was great concern brought forward by the abutters regarding nuisance and noise issues with barking dogs disturbing the neighborhood.  Ms. Finlayson expressed to those present the difference in the behavior of dogs in a commercial type kennel operation and the behavior of her clientele.

General business hours are proposed to be from 7am to 5pm with training occurring within the garage after these hours.

Being no further discussion upon the application, a motion was made by Dr. Mara and seconded by Mr. Jordan to approve the application as presented with the precedent condition that a detailed lighting plan in conformance with the zoning ordinance be submitted for final approval.  Motion passes.

Chichester Condominium Corporation.  Discussion.  Map 3 Lot 68-B at 362 Dover Road
        (Continued from March 4, 2010)

Mr. Joseph Austin was present to speak on the project.   Mr. Pike reviewed with those present and Mr. Austin the conversation he had with Town Counsel regarding the status of the previously approved condominium subdivision.  It was the opinion of counsel whereas the Board has determined that Mr. Austin has completed substantive and active development of the site, that should the two lots be administratively merged together the previous approval is in good standing.

Chairman Jameson signed a voluntary lot merger for Mr. Austin for lots 68-B and 68-B2.

Membership  The Board requests that the Board of Selectmen appoint the most senior alternate member to fill the permanent voting position upon the Board.

At the time of this meeting there were no submitted applications for the May 6, 2010 meeting.

Being no further discussion, a motion was made by Dr. Mara and seconded by Mr. Jameson to adjourn the meeting at 8:00pm.  Motion passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie A Pike    

                                                                        Approved as amended 05/06/10

Thomas Jameson, Chairman

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