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Planning Board Minutes 02/05/2009
Chichester Planning Board
Minutes of Meeting
February 5, 2009

Members Present:  Tom Jameson, Richard DeBold, Joanna McIntosh, Richard Arell, Richard Moore, David Kenneally and Jamie Pike, Secretary.

Chairman Jameson called the meeting to order at 6:30pm

Mr. Pike brought forward Peter Holmes and Jamie Flanders as candidates for membership to the Route 28 Corridor Study Project Advisory Committee.  A motion was made by Mr. DeBold and seconded by Ms. McIntosh to appoint Mr. Holmes and Mr. Flanders to the committee.  Motion passes.

The minutes of the January 14th meeting were reviewed and an addition was made to paragraph one to include the term ìcommercial villageî.  A motion was made by Mr. DeBold and seconded by Mr. Jameson to approve the minutes as corrected.  Motion passes.

Mr. DeBold brought forward a contract from the CNHRPC to complete an audit and revision to the current Impact Fee schedule.  This contract is for $3000 comprising of approximately 60 hours of work to complete the project.  There was much discussion of how to fund this project.  A motion was made to request the Board of Selectmen to increase the Planning Board Professional Fees Budget (line item 4191-15) by $1500 and move forward with the project subject to funding approval by the Selectmen.  Motion passes.

Discussion:  Dennis Nolin, Subdivision, Canterbury Road

Mr. Nolin and surveyor Rick Turner were present to discuss with the Board options for the subdivision and lot-line adjustments to Map 3 Lot 107 and Map 6 Lots 20 and 22.  The first proposal is to reduce Lot 20 to a minimum conforming lot and annex the remaining acreage to Lot 22.  The second proposal is to separate the residence on Lot 22 and merge with some of the acreage from Lot 107 to establish a conforming lot.  The intent of the cumulated proposal is to establish Lot 22 as a new building lot for Mr. Nolin.  The Board consensus, at the request of Mr. Nolin, was to not require the entirety of Lot 20, as it exists, to be mapped topography except for that portion which is to be the minimum conforming lot.  It was understood that any wetlands upon the property would have to be delineated.  It was also suggested to Mr. Nolin that a soil survey be completed to determine if the zoning were different than that of the 1965 Merrimack County Soil Maps.  Town counsel opinion shall be sought to determine the proper methods for the completion of the proposal and Mr. Nolin shall be contacted with the results of the discussion.

Discussion:  Russell Bartlett, Subdivision, EPSOM

Mr. Joseph Wichert, surveyor, and Mr. Bartlett were present to speak on the merits of the proposal.  It was explained to the Board that the applicant has had 3 conceptual and 1 public hearings with the Epsom Planning Board.  The Epsom Board has not accepted the application yet nor have they deemed it a development of regional impact.

The applicant has brought this proposal to this Board as a portion of two of the proposed lots are in Chichester.  One lot has 4300 sqft and the other lot has 760 sqft in Chichester.  The applicant has proposed that if the Town Assessor prefer the Chichester area to be combined into one lot, that would be acceptable.

A major concern brought up by the Epsom Board is the traffic impact to the intersection of Rte 28 and Depot Road.  A traffic study has not yet been completed but an expected typical of 420 trips may be realized.  A traffic study will determine the functionality of the current intersection.  Mr. Kenneally mentioned that the Road Agent will have to review the width and condition of Depot Road to determine if it will be able to handle the proposed increase in traffic.  It was also recommended that NHDOT be contacted in regards to the layout of the intersection in coordination with local fire and police.

The next meeting with the Epsom Planning Board is scheduled for Wednesday, March 11th.

Discussion:  Alan Williams, Site Improvement, Map 9 Lot 91, Kelleyís Corner Road

Mr. Williams was present this evening to propose the alteration of his site to accommodate a 2nd unit within the existing footprint.  The existing area is 2700 sqft and has 2 bathrooms.  Mr. Williams is also proposing that a 2nd floor unit be renovated as commercial space for an office type business.

The Board had concern over the accessibility to the 2nd floor unit and recommended that Mr. Williams take care to observe:
        Parking requirements
        ADA compliance
        Fire apparatus access

Should Mr. Williams desire to pursue the alteration, site review would be required.

Discussion:  Joseph Viana, Lakeview Health Systems, Facility Expansion

Mr. Viana was present this evening to propose the use of a residence on Martel Road as an expansion site to the current King House located on King Road.  This residence has 5 bedrooms and 4 baths and is ideal for the needs of the business.  It was explained to the Board that there would be no footprint change to the building and that there would be no substantive traffic impact.

The applicant was instructed to contact the ZBA to apply for a use variance for the proposed use of the site and that if a variance was granted, site review would need to be completed.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 9pm by Mr. Kenneally and seconded by Ms. McIntosh.

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie A Pike, Secretary

Thomas Jameson, Chairman

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