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Planning Board Minutes 02/01/2007
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FEBRUARY 1, 2007

PRESENT: Chairman Brad Towle, Fred Ruoff, Richard DeBold, Tom Jameson, Stan Brehm, Richard Arell, David Kenneally, Chris Weir, Joanna McIntosh and Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Towle read the agenda and requested that the Board review the Minutes of January 4, 2007.

Motion was made to accept the minutes as written.

                Brehm/DeBold                    (Passed)

DISCUSSION:     Giuda/Merrill
        Subdivision and Open Space
        Conservation Development
        Map 10, Lots 2 & 9
        Healy Pasture Road

Brandon Giuda and Frank Merrill presented plans for subdivision and Open Space Conservation Development. Even though at this time there is only one plan it shows how each owner is prepared to develop his property.

Mr. Giuda will be presenting a 37 lot 55 and older community coupled with a 9 hole golf course. Mr. Merrill will have 18 lots some will be 55 and older and some will be just Open Space Conservation Development.  All lots will be _ of an acre as allowed in zoning. Mr. Giuda is unsure to the public or private status of the golf course at this time

Mr. Giuda and Mr. Merrill would like to attach Healy Pasture Road to Perry Brook Road but they are still in the process of completing the project on paper and would need to discuss it further as to whether or not the end of Perry Brook Road should be gated.  The Road Agent would prefer that if they connected to Perry Brook Road that it not be gated for maintenance and plowing purposes. If they do not connect to Perry Brook Road the cul-de-sac on Mr. Giuda’s proposal will be over the 3000 foot allowable length for a dead-end road and a variance will be needed.

Some test pits have been completed but there are more to be done, they will have a soil scientist’s stamp and state site specific. They will supply a cistern or pond for fire safety issues and adequate turn areas for plow trucks and school buses.

Jeff Andrews from the Conservation Commission would like the project to come before the Commission prior to approval.

Mr. Giuda and Mr. Merrill would like to have final Board approval in June.

Mr. Giuda will contact secretary Deachman when they are ready to continue.

DISCUSSION:     Hillcrest Campground
        Addition – Office/Store
        Map 4, Lot 156
        Dover Road

Mr. Cavaco would like to increase the size of the store, office and game room on the existing building by 28 additional feet.

The Board will require a site plan with the new addition drawn on for the Boards file.

Discussion next month to review the revised plan.

DISCUSSION:     Dale Hallquist
        Home Occupation – Machine shop
        Boat & Engine Repair
        Map 8, Lot 25, Bear Hill Road

Mr. Hallquist would like to have a Home Occupation on his property.

The Board advised Mr. Hallquist to fill out the Home Occupation permit, make a drawing of the property and where the business will be, parking, and lighting noted. Mr. Hallquist would need to give the secretary a list of abutters to be placed on the agenda for public hearing.

Mr. Hallquist will do the permit and prepare for public hearing next month.

        Zoning Definitions

The Board reviewed the letter from the town attorney with advice on the changes.

The Board will be adding the word “customarily” back into the Accessory Uses and Buildings definition. Also, adding, “and licensed by the State of New Hampshire” to the Campground definition.

Motion was made to accept and approve the zoning changes with editorial corrections and place on the ballot for town vote.

        DeBold/Brehm            (Passed)

New Business:

(1)  The following need to be reviewed and revised.

Site Reviews – Stan
Subdivisions – Richard D
Home Occupation – Chris
Building Fees – Brad
Road Specs – David K

Items should be started so discussion can take place no later than May.

(2)     The Lugg Plaza will need to go thru complete site review.
(3)     There is a new District 5 Engineer and the Planning Board would like to hold a meeting with the new Engineer and the Epsom Planning Board.

Review Zoning Document and have any corrections, omissions or changes for next meeting.

Motion was made to adjourn.

        McIntosh/Brehm          (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 pm.

                Respectfully submitted,

                Bradley Towle

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