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Planning Board Minutes 11/02/2006

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NOVEMBER 2, 2006

PRESENT: Chairman Brad Towle, Joanna McIntosh, Fred Ruoff, Richard DeBold, Tom Jameson, Stan Brehm, Richard Arell, David Kenneally, Mike Paveglio, and Chris Weir

Chairman Towle read the agenda and requested that the Board review the Minutes of October 5, 2006, the following corrections were made:

Page 2, Design Review, Mark Blasko, second line to read “The applicant states he has met with the Conservation commission on the wetlands and they recommend Nit Pack type surface.

Page 3, Public Hearing, Mark Blasko, and 5th paragraph second sentence to read: There will be a new well drilled.” Third sentence add “have” after “will” 6th paragraph first sentence change “is” to “are”

Page 4, second paragraph begin sentence with “Can”. Prior to next paragraph add “Some of the questions raised were:” next sentence add the developer explained…and they would prefer not to remove them.

Motion was made to accept the minutes of October 5, 2006 with the above changes.

                DeBold/Paveglio                 (Passed)

        Site Review – Multi Use - Family Entertainment Center
        Mini-Golf, Batting Cages and snack bar
        Map 2, Lot 81, Dover and Bailey Roads
Continued from October 5, 2006

The developer is planning to move the batting cages down further on the property toward the front and proposing a future indoor facility in the back of property. The developer will be going to the Board of Adjustment for a small area to be filled and request a variance to the wetlands buffer for present and future development. Traffic is still an issue and the Board still needs to meet with DOT. The developer stated that he has been in contact with 3 abutters and they seem happier with the new plans. They are applying for a dredge and fill permit for the driveway. Chairman Towle will contact DOT for meeting prior to December 7, 2006 hearing.

Still modifying plans and meeting with State of NH Department Environmental Services and Department of Transportation.

Motion to continue public hearing to December 7, 2006

        Brehm/DeBold                    (Passed)

Continued to December 7, 2006

        Dairy Bar & Bakery Store
        Map 9, Lot 34, Suncook Valley Road
Abutters present: Rudy & Linda Vien

Ms. Foss presented plans for this proposal. She is proposing a Bakery Store and a Dairy Bar. The property will have 13 parking spaces, with the handicapped space right at the entrance. There was discussion about the handicapped ramp and one would be needed. The sign will be 18 feet high for visibility reasons. There will be no light glare onto the roadway. Need to put state right-of-way on plan as well as have state septic and driveway approvals.

Motion was made to accept the application as complete.

        DeBold/Paveglio (Passed)

                Dairy Bar & Bakery Store
                Map 9, Lot 34, Suncook Valley Road

Abutters present: Rudy & Linda Vien

Need a note on the plan that the property is not in the Flood Plane. The access driveway and the first parking area need to be paved. Line the driveway in Clark’s entrance. Paving must be completed by June 1, 2007.

Conditions: State Septic and driveway approvals, state right-of -way. Note: Not in Flood Plane, paving completed by June 1, 2007.

Changes will be made to the plan and Ms. Foss will call the secretary when plans will be delivered.

Motion was made to accept the proposal with the conditions.

        DeBold/Paveglio (Passed)

DISCUSSION:     Jay Baas
        Site Review – In Law Apartment
        Map 8, Lot 4, Depot Road

Mr. Baas needs a letter from the Board stating what he needs for a variance. The Board of Adjustment needs specifics dealing with the zoning violations.

The Board will hold a work session on this, Jay wants to keep apartment separate from house. Mr. Baas states that the neighbors do not have a problem with him doing this. Mr. Baas would like to attend the work session. The secretary will call when date and time is set.

DISCUSSION:     Ann Fornier
        Map 2, Lot 24, Horse Corner Road

Ms. Fornier owns 37 acres, her home and a trailer sit on the parcel with 350 feet of frontage, as the property sits now it is a substandard lot. Ms. Fornier would like to subdivide off a parcel for the trailer. The Board would need to deny the subdivision so Ms. Fornier can go to the Board of Adjustment and request an area variance to create a new lot for the trailer.

Letter denying the subdivision with the following areas of concerns: Setbacks of septic systems from lot lines and well radius.

DISCUSSION:     Martin & Pamela Smith
        Addition – Commercial Zone      
        Map 3, Lot 59, Dover Road

Mr. & Mrs. Smith would like to bring their Consignment shop from Epsom to this property. The main building has 3 apartments and lower building has been used for display and sales, both building are on the same parcel of land.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith would like to put an addition onto the lower building to increase the foot print. A concern of the Board is lot line setbacks for the addition. The property has 248 feet of frontage on Route 4 and 4.4 acres.

Change of use would need a new site review suggested multi-use proposal. It might be possible to find plan from property next door and have surveyor work from that. They will call when ready to continue.


Will hold a working meeting on November 30, 6:30pm for Baas project as well as calendar for submission dates.

January 16, 2007 for training session on policies and procedures.

Motion was made to adjourn.

        Brehm/DeBold    (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 10:20pm.

                Respectfully submitted,

                Bradley Towle

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