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Planning Board Minutes 07/06/2006
(603) 798-4350

JULY 6, 2006

PRESENT: Chairman Brad Towle, Joanna McIntosh, Fred Ruoff, Richard DeBold, Tom Jameson, Stan Brehm, Richard Arell, David Kenneally and Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Brad Towle informed the Board that Mr. Mike Stamowlaros has resigned from the Board due to his work load and Mr. Mike Paveglio is unavailable tonight therefore, Mr. Fred Ruoff and Mr. Richard Arell would be voting tonight.

Chairman Brad Towle introduced the Board and requested that they review the minutes of June 1, 2006. Motion was made to accept the minutes as written.

                McIntosh/Brehm                  (Passed)

DESIGN REVIEW:  David Hartley
        Twin Harts Realty Trust
        Expansion of Business
Continued from June 1, 2006     Blueberry Hill Plaza
        Map 9, Lot 91A, Suncook Valley Road
No abutters present.

Mr. Hartley presented a plan to the Board with the area for housing the RV Rentals and the proposed new driveway entrance.  The new building on the plan is just a proposal for at least a year in the future. At this time the plan is not recordable because the lot lines are approximate and not a boundary survey. The small building south of the Hartley’s property will need to be annexed to the Hartley’s property, a lot line adjustment will need to be done. Mr. Hartley is still waiting for wetlands documents to proceed with the new driveway.

The following is a list of what needs to be addressed on the plan:
1) Pavement where motorized RV’s will be located with measurements of area. Cold patch or a similar product was discussed and approved.
2) Boundary lines need to have numbers, footage and all pins located.
3) Wetlands Stamp
4) Expanded parking

Before construction begins on the new building a lighting plan needs to be presented to the Board.

Continued to August 3, 2006

PUBLIC HEARING: Chichester Congregational Church
        Site Review – New Building,
        Parking and driveway
        Map 5, lot 2, Main Street
No abutters present.

Marc Vanson from TF Moran presented plans to the Board, Mr. Vanson and the Board has just received a review from Brown Engineering the interim Town Engineering firm. The Board reviewed the letter and followed Mr. Vanson along with the changes that he had already made because of the discussion at the last meeting.

They have made extensions to the width of the egress and the area around the new building and parking area for fire apparatus. The road between the library and the church is a town road the developer with input from New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) is requesting to increase the grass island and move the entrance to Main Street. There were concerns with the island at the end of the road at the library. The new radius of the driveway is also a concern, and concerns of the road entrance being reduced.

A no left turn and a stop sign will be at the exit of the new parking area. The existing trailer would need to come off the wheels and be placed on some type of foundation to be used as a storage shed. The middle driveway to the church will be abandoned and paving of the apron of the first entrance will occur as well as paving 30 feet in at the new entrance and the turn around drop off area the remainder will be gravel. There were some concerns on the paved area and the amount of paved parking.  The Board was in agreement that the handicapped strip of parking spaces next to the new building needs to be paved and that the driveway and some more parking needs to have some type of crushed asphalt or something similar that is non tracking material.

There seemed to be an issue with the library well being contaminated, due to a culvert being placed causing run off into the well and surrounding area near the well. The end of the culvert has been blocked so no more water can runoff into the well. The well cover shows some signs of deterioration with some small holes. The church has offered to attach the library to the artesian well that now exists on their property and has more water than the church can use. The Selectmen are in agreement to utilize the well for the time being but will visit a new well for the library in the near future.

When the plans are approved the notes for erosion control will need to be followed. The church should be following New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services requirements now as the project is progressing. Water runoff will be addressed in a timely fashion.

Continued to August 3, 2006

DISCUSSION:     Peter Holmes, Holmes Carpet
        Warehouse, retail and office
        Map 5, Lot 64, Suncook Valley Road

Tony Fallon presented a new drawing of the property and the existing buildings. The proposal is to add a 60 foot by 160 foot warehouse behind the business and a 60 foot by 90 foot building south of the business. Concerns arose about the fire lane behind the buildings being in the wetlands setbacks.
Design Review set for August 3, 2006    

DISCUSSION:     Gary DePalma
Map 3, Lot 84-1 & Map 3, Lot 84-2  
Harvest & King Roads

Mr. Wichert presented plans to the Board. Mr. DePalma has purchased these two lots and is requesting to divide each lot. Mike Seraikas from Beaver Brook Environmental has delineated the wetlands on both parcels and will stamp the plan. Mr. Wichert has been made aware that the Town of Chichester is still using the Merrimack County soil survey from the 60’s and he will need to use those soil types or some type of conversion chart.

Design Review/Public Hearing set for August 3, 2006

That completed the scheduled agenda items.
Chairman Towle explained to Ms. Paradise that the agenda had closed on the 25th but he would allow 10 minutes of the Board time for her discussion.

DISCUSSION:     Teresa Paradise
        Live and Let Live Farm
        New Building - arena
        Map 1, Lot 28, Paradise Lane

Ms. Paradise presented the Board with plans for the new building- arena, the plans have not been done by a New Hampshire Registered Land Surveyor nor have the wetlands been delineated by a New Hampshire Wetlands Scientist. The Board explained to Ms. Paradise that the Board needs a site review done on the property and the business and the plan needs to be done by a New Hampshire Registered Land Surveyor and a New Hampshire Certified Wetlands Scientist so they may be recorded at the Merrimack County Registry of Deeds.

The Board has requested that Ms. Paradise seek a New Hampshire Registered Land Surveyor to complete the site review and new checklist and regulations have been handed to the developer.

New Business:

Letters to the selectmen on the following:
Olson’s Dance Studio in the commercial zone, no site review, new business
Eddie Watson new businesses, no site review for multi use in commercial zone
Larry Leppard selling used cars, no site review in commercial zone

Mike Stamowlaros has resigned, he will be missed and the Board was thankful for his years of duty to the Planning Board. Motion was made to move Richard Arell to the voting member position left vacant by Mr. Stamowlaros.

        Towle/DeBold            (Passed)

Policies and procedures still need to be reviewed and sent to the town attorney. A working meeting has been scheduled for July 20th at 6:30 pm.

Richard DeBold has volunteered to again review proposal checklist and applications.

Motion was made to adjourn.

        Jameson/McIntosh        (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 11: 30pm

                Respectfully submitted,

                Brad Towle

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