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Planning Board Minutes 05/04/2006
(603) 798-4350

MAY 4, 2006

PRESENT: Chairman Brad Towle, Joanna McIntosh, Mike Stamowlaros, Richard DeBold, Tom Jameson, Stan Brehm, Mike Paveglio, Richard Arell and Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Brad Towle introduced the Board and requested that they review the minutes of April 6, 2006. Motion was made to accept the minutes with the following changes:

Page 1, Discussion David Hartley, third paragraph, second sentence end at “building” begin new sentence with “A” site review…

Page 3, New Business, sixth paragraph end the first sentence at “Board” and begin new sentence with “A” form will…

        Brehm/McIntosh  (Passed)

DESIGN REVIEW/  David Hartley
PUBLIC HEARING: Twin Harts Realty Trust
        Expansion of Business
        Blueberry Hill Plaza
        Map 9, Lot 91A, Suncook Valley Road

Mr. Hartley is not ready, but briefly discussed the new driveway entrance.

Continued to June 1, 2006 meeting

DESIGN REVIEW/  Teresa Paradise
PUBLIC HEARING: Live and Let Live Farm
        New Building
        Map 1, Lot 28, Paradise Lane

Teresa called the secretary to inform the Board she was not ready to come for public hearing. She will call the secretary when ready to proceed.

        Home Occupation – Inspection Station    
        Map 9, Lot 11, Perry Brook Road
No abutters present.

Mr. Holmes presented the Board with a drawing of the property and his Home Occupation Permit.

Mr. Holmes would like to have a State Inspection Station, there will be no employees and his general hours of operation will be as follows:

4 pm to 9 pm Monday thru Friday
8 am to 8 pm on Weekends.

Motion was made to accept the Home Occupation.

        Brehm/DeBold    (Passed)

DISCUSSION:     Peter Holmes
        Site Review – Storage Building
        Map 5, Lot 64, Suncook Valley Road

Mr. Holmes would like to put up an 8400 square foot two-story warehouse on his property.

Discussion on required paved parking for the warehouse, fire access around the building and use of wetland buffers.

Mr. Holmes will contact the secretary when ready to continue.

DISCUSSION:     Peter Holmes
        Site Review – Multi Use
        Residential Rental &
        Possible Small Retail Stores
        Map 5, Lot 87, Suncook Valley Road

Mr. Holmes would like to rent the house that is on the property and build a building to rent to small retail stores or offices.

Parking and fire access around the buildings was considered along with wetlands buffers and setbacks.

Mr. Holmes will contact the secretary when ready to continue.

New Business

Policies and procedures – all Board members will review and have notes and discussion at the next meeting.

The Board will now request 8 paper plans from developers prior to Public Hearings for department heads including, Building inspector, school, police, road agent, fire, conservation, planning and selectmen. This will give each department or committee time to review and voice a concern, if the Board sees a specific issue the Department Head will be invited to the next Board meeting that the project will be on the agenda.

The cost of publishing in the Concord Monitor will be reviewed as well as deadlines. Billing statements will be on hand at Public Hearings. The Planning Board has requested that the Selectmen get RFP’s for a Town Engineer. Subdivision and Site Review regulations and checklists will also be reviewed.

Regional Impact: Ricker Road, Pembroke, trucking of pallets and chipping. Regional items would be on a community notification per RSA: 36:55 for example 50 plus dwelling units in Epsom could have a regional impact on Chichester, we would be notified.

Cooperative meeting with Epsom will be scheduled next month.

Motion was made to adjourn.

        Stamowlaros/Jameson     (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 10:10pm

                Respectfully submitted,

                Brad Towle

As approved by majority vote on June 1, 2006

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