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Planning Board Minutes 04/06/2006
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APRIL 6, 2006

PRESENT: Chairman Brad Towle, Joanna McIntosh, Mike Stamowlaros, Richard DeBold, Tom Jameson, Stan Brehm, Mike Paveglio and Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Brad Towle introduced the Board and requested that they review the minutes of March 2, 2006. Motion was made to accept the minutes with the following changes:

Page 2, Discussion: Don Peterman, third paragraph end the first sentence at area and begin new sentence with “The Chairman”

Page 2, Discussion: Chichester Congregational Church, first sentence place “the” before the State of New Hampshire.

        Stamowlaros/Jameson             (Passed)

DISCUSSION:     David Hartley
        Twin Harts Realty Trust
        Expansion of Business
        Blueberry Hill Plaza
        Map 9, Lot 91A, Suncook Valley Road

Mr. Hartley would like to clear some of the property to the north of the building and put in a new building and parking for RV sales and equipment rental.

The company that is selling the RV’s now is a broker they don’t actually own the vehicles just advertise and connect the seller with the buyer.

The Site Review Checklist was reviewed. Multi use is approved within the building. A site review would need to be complete because RV and Equipment rentals are not approved businesses on the site.

Mr. Hartley will call when ready to continue with the Site Review.

DISCUSSION:     Art Houle
        Site Review – Sales
        E-Bay, Consignments & Flea Markets
        Map 3, Lot 17, Dover Road

Mr. Houle explained to the Board that he will be adding to the parking and changing a few items on the prior proposed project for this site. He is aware of the new zoning and will contact the State of New Hampshire Department of Transportation, District 5 on the driveway.

The Board is in agreement that a Site Review is necessary.

Mr. Houle will contact the Secretary when ready to continue.

DISCUSSION:     Teresa Paradise
        Live and Let Live Farm
        New Building
        Map 1, Lot 28, Paradise Lane

Ms. Paradise has come to the Board to build a new riding arena for the horses to exercise. The Board discussed this being a business not a home occupation.

The Board was polled as to the feelings that this is a small business and needs to go thru Site Review.

6 Members voted in favor of a site review and 1 abstained because he is an abutter.

The Board was in agreement that the proposal needs a Site Review.  Wetlands will need to be delineated around the arena. The site review checklist was reviewed and the following were either decided on not to be applicable or modified.

#2: vegetation, topography, contours, grade elevations were removed, and water courses and bodies of water only if they are within 100 feet of the proposed riding arena.
#’s 6,7,8,12,13, 15,16,19,20,21,22,23,24 & 25 not applicable
#9 manure
#14 well and septic
#17 electric
#18 area near and around existing buildings and proposed building

Place on agenda for May 4, 2006

DISCUSSION:     David Holmes
        Home Occupation – Inspection Station    
        Map 9, Lot 11, Perry Brook Road

Mr. Holmes would like to become a State Inspection Station and small repair shop. He will only do repairs that are required for inspection purposes. He helps friends and family now and would like the option to inspect vehicles. He has all the equipment just needs home occupation permit.

Public Hearing set for May 4, 2006


Policies and procedures – notes and discussion. Board will review and make changes.

Minutes will now be posted to the website when the Secretary posts them in hard copy at the Town Hall. A “Draft” watermark will be used to warn people that it is not an approved copy until signed.

Epsom Planning Board would like to hold a working meeting to discuss Route 4 and areas that could affect both towns. The Chairman will work on setting up a few dates to pick from.

Selectmen have requested concerns or priorities for this Board:

Better communications with DOT
Keeping Zoning and other regulations and checklists in order
Zoning violations

Brad will work with Central NH Regional Planning Commission to get the Circuit Rider on Board. A form will be created for procedures.

The Secretary will create a Home Occupation Checklist for the Boards review.

Motion was made to adjourn.

        Jameson/Paveglio        (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 pm

                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Brad Towle                                                                                       Chairman

As approved by majority vote on May 4, 2006.

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