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Planning Board Minutes 01/06/2005
(603) 798-4350

JANUARY 6, 2005

PRESENT: Chairman Tracy Scott, Joanna McIntosh, Mike Stamowlaros, Richard DeBold, Stan Brehm, Brad Towle, Tom Jameson, Skip Lawrence and Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Scott introduced the Board, and requested they review the minutes of December 2, 2004. Motion was made to accept the minutes as written.

                Towle/McIntosh                  (Passed)

PUBLIC HEARING:                         ZONING CHANGES

Chairman Scott read the proposed new wording in its entirety, and explained that the changes would eliminate the problems with driveway and other wetland issues that have arose in town this last year.

Several comments were made and some additions and deletions were suggested. Possible changes were:

#4 f. add “variance” or replace Special Exception with variance.
#5 possibly adding another letter for the town engineer to review and confirm to the Planning Board, sections within #5 b, c, & e.

This Public Hearing is continued to Thursday, January 27, 2005

PUBLIC HEARING:                         ZONING CHANGES

The following changes are suggested by the Board to update the zoning and prepare for Ballot vote at Town Meeting.

Zoning page 6, # 12., a., b., & I
        page 7, t. (5)
        page 8, (11), (12), (13), (14) adding a new (11) and moving the other numbers down.

Zoning changes continued:

        Page 11, J.
        Page 12, 1., a., c. and 2
        Page 9 area frontage and yard requirements moved to page 24
        Page 9 E. Table of dimensional requirements
Page 13 under effective date section add “This ordinance shall remain in effect until Town Meeting in March 2010, unless readopted by the Town at that meeting. The Planning board shall make recommendations as to the necessity of readoption prior to said Town Meeting.
        Page 26, L.
        Page 27, V. & W.        
        A requested review of the “Board of Adjustment” portion page 25.

This Public Hearing has been continued to January 27, 2005.

PUBLIC HEARING: Robert & Kathleen Gagne
        And Robert W. Gagne
                        Lot Line Adjustment
        Map 7, Lot 12, Ferrin Road
Continued from December 2, 2004

Abutters present: Ben Brown, David Dobson and Mark Fornier

David Noyes presented plans to the Board. Mr. Noyes explained that he had not changed the plans from the last hearing because he would like the Board to reconsider the requests it made at the December 2, 2004 meeting.

The Board was in agreement that the use of the Merrimack County Soil Survey of 1965 could be laid over the plan and that would give the Board the information they need to be assured that the smaller lot was not substandard. The Board discussed the issue of a soil scientist stamp. Also the Board understood the rational behind not including the larger lot, because Mr. Noyes had not surveyed the entire large lot and therefore he could not in good faith put the frontage and such from the larger lot on the plan. The Board did request that a diagram of the larger lot with frontage be on the plan.

The Board is requiring setbacks, Robert W. Gagne being listed as an owner of record, locust map to indicate the site and a note describing what is taking place.


Motion was made by Chairman Scott to accept the requirements from the December 2, hearing as listed, with the exception of Soil Scientist Stamp for wetlands delineation, Seconded by Richard DeBold

Both Lots on the Plan
Soil Types on the smaller lot to ensure the lot does not become substandard
Locust map needs the site specified
Soil Scientist stamp for wetlands delineation
Robert W. Gagne as additional owner of record
Note describing the project

vote 1 yes, 5 no (Motion failed)   Mr. Noyes requests to continue to February 3, 2005

        Home Occupation – Riding School
        Map 7, Lot 35, Ferrin Road

Did not attend, no action taken.

PUBLIC HEARING: Zoning Changes

By Petition – Deletion of Section P. Wetlands, Article III, General Provisions,
Town of Chichester Zoning Ordinance.

The petition was read, this item will be placed on the Ballot for town vote.

DISCUSSION:     Emile & Ethel Bernard Property
        Landscaping Business
        Map 1, Lot 26, Hutchinson Road
Did not attend, no action taken.

DISCUSSION:     Congregational Church
        David Bezanson
Cutting to timber to get sight ready for building.
        Map 5, Lot 2, Main Street
Did not attend, no action taken.


DISCUSSION:     Jeanne Viall – Marc Chronis Property
        Site Review
        Map 4, Lot 155B, Dover & Cross Roads
Did not attend, no action taken.

DISCUSSION:     Marty Wilson & Rene Bernard
        Site Review/Subdivision
        Map 3, Lot 25, Mason Road

Mr. Wilson would like to improve his property and create a few single family lots as well as some multi-family units. He would like to enter and exit the property from Mason Road. The Board was in agreement that Mason Road would be safer than Route 4 where the State driveway cutouts are presently. Concerns of the Board are traffic coming back out on to Route 4 trying to turn left to go to Concord.  Mr. Wilson would like to know what harm it would do to up grade the rest of Mason Road to Towle Road and have the road upgraded to a class 5 road for this new use. The Board felt that improving Mason and Towle would be a benefit to the development and the safety of the town and the towns’ people living there. Mr. Wilson was sent to the Selectmen. Chairman Scott to write a letter in favor of upgrading the roads.


Joe Austin has come to the Board for clarification for the Selectmen on imposing impact fees. The Board was in agreement that development was Condominium units. The Board also was in agreement that no building permits can be pulled until the association rules have been reviewed and approved by the Town Attorney.

Motion was made to adjourn.

        Stamowlaros /Brehm              (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 11:30pm

                        Respectfully submitted,

                        Tracy Scott

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