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Planning Board Minutes 09/02/2004
(603) 798-4350


PRESENT: Chairman Tracy Scott, Joanna McIntosh, Mike Stamowlaros, Richard DeBold, Stan Brehm, Skip Lawrence, Brad Towle and Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Scott introduced the Board, and requested they review the minutes of August 5, 2004. Motion was made to accept the minutes as written.

                        Brehm/McIntosh                  (Passed)

        Site Review – New Business              
        Storage Units
        Map 4, Lot 167B, Horse Corner Road
Continued from August 5, 2004

Did not attend. No action taken.

        Elderly Housing
Continued from August 5, 2004   Map 3, Lot 68B, Trap and Dover Road

Abutters present: Shirley Waters and Bruce Merrill

Mr. Austin and Mr. Webb Stout presented the Board with final plans.

Concerns of abutter Mr. Merrill were that he is down hill from the project and what happens if the septic systems fail and get into his water also what happens if they tap into his water source while drilling all the wells.  Mr. Austin assured Mr. Merrill if he lost well water volume he would do what he needed to be done to compensate him and bring the volume back.

The Attorney Generals office is responsible for the contract of the association and to see that the project is finished. This will be listed as a 55 and older development, but there is a clause that states a small percentage needs to be available to other ages.


Concerns about the road not being finished, the town engineer will work with the project through it entirety even though it will be a private road.

All of the new construction will have self-supporting sprinkler systems, and the fire chief is pleased with that but there also needs to be a fire pond on the property for the original structure. If self supporting sprinkler systems are not installed a cistern with its own well will be required at the top of the lot for maximum volume, along with the fire pond. Mr. Austin will give the town a letter stating no houses will be built until the fire pond is in place.

Mr. Austin is in need of a new driveway permit and septic approval it was also brought to the attention of the Board that the Federal Government is requiring a Federal Storm Water Permit, and a Construction General Permit from the EPA. Mr. Austin needs to remove the word “or” on Note #2 on the plan.

Motion was made that the following items are needed for final approval

Final Review of plans by town engineer
Attorney Generals office creation of By-laws and town attorney approval
New Driveway permit or supporting letter
Site specific approval #’s on plan
Septic approval #’s on plan
Subdivision Approval
Fire pond letter from Mr. Austin
Take out the word “or” in note #2 should read fire pond and sprinkler system…
Federal Storm Water Permit – General Construction Permit from EPA

Stan Brehm made the motion to approve with all the above items completed and the Chairman will sign the plan. Richard Debold seconded 6 members in favor and 1 against.

Motion passed Mr. Austin to get new plans and all information to the secretary for final review from town attorney and town engineer. Mr. Austin will also get a check to the secretary escrow account.

PUBLIC HEARING: Barlow Homes/Joseph Wehrle property
        Map 1, Lot 5, Short Falls Road

Continued to October 7, 2004 meeting.


PUBLIC HEARING: Michael Purvis – Home Occupation
        Dealer License to buy and sell autos.
        Map 9, Lot 9, Perry Brook Road
Abutters present: Yvonne Lagomarsino

Mr. Purvis presented the Board with his permit and drawing. He explained to the Board that he is just requesting a dealer license so he can purchase cars for family and friends from auctions and such. He will not have more than one unregistered vehicle on his property and has entered into agreement with a local area garage for all repairs.

Motion to approve the home occupation.

        Lawrence/DeBold (Passed)

DISCUSSION:     Patricia Neville/George Gorman Property
        Site Review - Private Club
        Map 3, Lot 41, Dover Road
Did not attend, no action taken.

DISCUSSION:                             Mark Blasko – Shirtmasters
Luke & Elaine Smith Property
                Site Review - New Building Plans
        Map 2, Lot 87A, Dover Road

Mr. Blasko has come back to the Board with a change in the footprint of the new building, the square footage will remain the same. After discussion the Board was in agreement that updated plans need to be recorded with the Registry of Deeds.

Motion was that the change has been approved by the Board, Chairman Scott to sign when new plan is received.

        Towle/Brehm     (Passed)

DISCUSSION:     Dan Pabts
        Driving Range
        Map 4, Lot 166, Dover Road

Did not attend, no action taken


DISCUSSION:                             Driveway permit delegation

Mr. DeBold to reword with rescind the order at any time. The Board agreed with the amended wording and Mr. DeBold will get to the secretary for signatures.

Motion was made to accept the new wording.

                Lawrence/McIntosh               (Passed)

Notice will be sent to the Selectmen, Road Agent and Building Inspector after signed.

CIP Letter will be drafted and forwarded on to department heads.

Discussion on having Central NH Regional Planning send a Circuit rider Planner to work with the Board, so items will come to the Board complete. Secretary to contact and see what costs will be.

Motion was made to adjourn.

                Stamowlaros /Towle                      (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 9:50pm

                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Tracy Scott

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