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Planning Board Minutes 10/04/2004
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OCTOBER 7, 2004

PRESENT: Chairman Tracy Scott, Joanna McIntosh, Mike Stamowlaros, Richard DeBold, Stan Brehm, Fred Chagnon, Peter Wade, Tom Jameson and Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Scott introduced the Board, and requested they review the minutes of September 2, 2004. Motion was made to accept the minutes as written.

                Brehm/McIntosh                  (Passed)

DISCUSSION:                     Central NH Regional Planning Commission

Mike Tardif came before the Board to discuss implementation of new zoning with regards to the Route 4 Corridor Study. There are 34 parcels of land with approximately 136 acres that the Board should be looking at for the higher density area with raised standards for the site review regulations.

The Board will form a subcommittee to begin work on the proposed changes to zoning.

PUBLIC HEARING:                 Mark Drew
                                        Site Review – New Business
                                        Storage Units
                                        Map 4, Lot 167B, Horse Corner Road
Abutters Present: Bob Shaw

Mr. Drew did not attend and the Board was in agreement that this project has been on the agenda and notices have been sent too many times without response from Mr. Drew.

Motion was made to deny the site review for lack of proper information for Public Hearing.

                Stamowlaros/DeBold              (Passed)

The project is denied no further hearings will be scheduled and the project will need to begin again with a discussion phase to get back on the agenda.


PUBLIC HEARING:                 Barlow Homes/Joseph Wehrle property
                                        Map 1, Lot 5, Short Falls Road

Abutters Present: Todd & Marlene Hamand and Neal & Gail Scott

Mr. Dumas presented the plans to the Board. Items that the Board needs to have on the plans.

Soil Types being consistent with Merrimack County Soil Survey of 1965
Wetlands Delineator Stamp on the plan
Set Backs
Planning Board Signature Block
Detailed Survey

Once all the changes are made the new plans are to be presented to the Planning Office for the secretary to deliver to the Town Engineer for review of the site as well as the existing road. Questions that the Board has is does Short Falls Road have proper ditching, is it wide enough, can it sustain increased traffic.

Mr. Dumas has gone to the Board of Adjustment for lot F and they will add a note #7 about Woods Road giving them access to the original lot.

Motion was made to continue the Public Hearing to November 4, 2004.

                Brehm/McIntosh          (Passed)

DISCUSSION:                     Hess
                                        Map 4, Lot 167, Dover Road

Attorney Maria Dolder was representing Hess for this discussion. Hess would like to have a base figure to work with so they can comply with the current zoning after all Board approvals have been researched and the final determination of how much signage they were originally approved for.

Hess is working to try to correct the signage overage from what was there when it was the Gulf Station. When Hess proposed the project it was stated that they would not exceed the existing signage that the Gulf Station had.

One of the biggest issues is the illuminated canopy, which the Board was in agreement that the entire canopy is considered part of the calculation of signage and internal illumination.


The Board along with the Selectmen will work with the figures and see where the base line starts for allowable signage so Hess will have a better understanding of how much more they will need to remove or go to the Board of Adjustment to increase the amount of allowable signage. The Board will get back to Ms. Dolder.

DISCUSSION:                     Danny Pabst/Mike & Mary Cooney Property
                                        Site Review – Driving Range
                                        Map 4, Lot 166, Dover Road

Mr. Pabst would like to build a driving range on the property with a 36 X 40 building housing a pro shop and an apartment upstairs.

The property will have a pond and 46 car parking area. The Board is concerned with contamination of the pond with storm water runoff from the highway. Mr. Pabst needs to go through the state to create the pond and he will discuss the runoff issue with them. He will need site specific and will need to go to the Board of Adjustment because of the wetlands setbacks.

Mr. Pabst would like to do the project in phases with the front of the lot as phase 1. He would like to have lights on the grounds where the balls would land. He was advised to review the towns lighting ordinance.

There will be buffers for the abutting properties. He will need to get a new driveway permit from District 5 and a site review checklist and regulation.

Design Review set for November 4, 2004

DISCUSSION:             Robert & Kathleen Gagne
                                Lot Line Adjustment
                                Map 7, Lot 12, Ferrin Road

Mr. David Noyes presented plans to the Board and advised the Board that all they are doing is adding one line and removing another to make one lot larger and the other smaller. No new lots will be created.

They will call when they are ready to continue Design Review/Public Hearing can be held together.


DISCUSSION:             Jeanne Viall/Mark Cronis Property
                                Site Review – Heavy Equipment Rental
                                Map 4, Lot 155B, Dover & Cross Roads

Ms. Viall came to the Board to see what she would need to do to come in compliance with the zoning with the new rental business. The Board informed her she would need a site review for the additional business.

Because of the heavy equipment and the traffic in and out of the site, the apron would need to be larger. The area where the equipment will be parked would need to be addressed. Also a wash bay with filtering systems would need to be put in place.

The Selectmen have sent the landowner and Ms. Viall a letter stating they have violated the zoning and they need to come into compliance. Chairman Scott was concerned that the pavement to the west of the driveway had not been paved, Selectman DeBold suggested that she meet with the Selectmen on the violation.

She will contact the Secretary when ready to continue.

DISCUSSION:                     Bob Peterson
                                        Site Review – New Business
                                        Utility Trailer Sales
                                        Map 4, Lot 165, Dover Road

Mr. Peterson would like to have retail sales of trailers, plows, sanders and equipment. Would like to put an office trailer on the site they have already approached Hess for use of the rest rooms. Does not want to pave the site because the vehicles will tear up the pavement.

The Board informed him of the site review regulations and zoning regulations.  On site water and septic are part of the regulations as well as pavement. The Board is very concerned with the wetlands issue on the site. Mr. Peterson is not so concerned if the property is properly drained. With the plans that have been brought to the Board in the past a soil scientist will need to review the site for the Board to change their view on the wetland issues.

Design Review for November 4, 2004


DISCUSSION:                     Mike Albert
                                        Site Review – Used Car Sales
                                        Map 2, Lot 82, Dover Road

Mr. Albert would like to use this site as a used car lot, he understands that there is a wetlands issue but would like to pave up to the culvert and wetland area. The Board informed him that if he were to pave up to the wetland area he would need to go to the Board of Adjustment for a variance. He would also need to contact the State and make sure they will grant him a driveway permit and give him permission to pave up to the wet area in the setback.

Motion was made to adjourn.

                Stamowlaros/Brehm                       (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 12:15am.

                                                Respectfully Submitted,

                                                Tracy Scott

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