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Planning Board Minutes July 2002
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July 11, 2002

PRESENT: Chairman Tracy Scott, Joanna McIntosh, Dave Colbert, Ron Lesieur, Stan Brehm, Harold Arey, Dave Holmes, Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Scott introduced the Board and asked the members of the Board to review the minutes of June 6, 2002.  All members present will be voting tonight.

Following corrections were made to the June 6, 2002 minutes:

Page 1, under public hearing Amerada Hess, second sentence, reads: Slight variations had been made an island will be placed at… change to: Slight variations had been made to add an island which will be placed at…

Page 2, third paragraph, first sentence, Reads: Abutters concerns were… Change to: Abutters concerns included: … Page 2, third paragraph, second sentence deleted, third sentence change state regulations to town regulations.

Motion was made to accept the minutes with the above changes.

                Arey/McIntosh                   (Passed)

DESIGN REVIEW/                  Jim Mullaney
PUBLIC HEARING:                 Lot Line adjustment and Subdivision
                                        Frontage in Pembroke, will hold Pembroke hearings                                               Map 2, Lot 61, Horse Corner Road

Unable to continue at this time.

DESIGN REVIEW/                  David Marsh
PUBLIC HEARING:                 Subdivision
                                        Map 4, Lot 58F, Lane Road

Abutters present: Peter Wade, Ted Bailey, Lisa Rounds, Allen Mayville, Jane & Gary Stock

The Board, Mr. Marsh and some of the abutters reviewed the Town Engineer’s report.


Mr. Marsh did review the plans with the abutters, so they could see what his intentions are.

Mr. Marsh would like to continue until next month so he may have the report reviewed.

The Board will pass the report to the Selectmen for their review.

Continued to August 1, 2002 meeting.

DISCUSSION:                     Terry Roberge/Avitar
                                        Change in site Review Plans
                                        Map 8, Lot 51, Suncook Valley Road

Ms. Roberge explained to the Board that the only change is the building will be turned and move to where the hill is so they can have a walk out basement.

The Board was in agreement that this did not need a new site review.

DISCUSSION:                     Jim Mullaney
                                        Subdivision – Phase II Malachy Glen
                                        Map 2, Lot 77, Horse Corner Road

Unable to attend.

A note will be sent to the Selectmen to see if they can get an answer from the Town Attorney if we can create Zoning to have upgrades of Class VI roads to Class V roads be paved by the developer.

Memo to Selectmen that Larry Leppard has not returned to the Board with site review.

Motion was made to adjourn.

                Arey/Brehm                      (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm

                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                        Tracy Scott

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