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Planning Board Minutes 10/4/01
(603) 798-4350

OCTOBER 4, 2001

PRESENT: Acting Chairman Stan Brehm, Joanna McIntosh, Ted Bailey, Richard DeBold, Harold Arey, Skip Lawrence, Ray Towle, Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Brehm introduced the Board and asked the members of the Board to review the minutes of September 6, 2001.  

Changes were as follows:

Page 2 Public Hearing Building Regulations/Ordinances, Motion was made…place grammatical between the words small and change.

Page 3 paragraph 1 end of first sentence remove last two words off equipment and add water.

Motion was made to accept the minutes with the two changes.

                Arey/McIntosh                   (Passed)

        Map 3, Lot 29, Dover Road
Abutters: none present

Marc Vanson presented the Board with final plans for this subdivision, the only issue Department of Transportation has is the existing sign needs to be moved from the state right-of-way. This is noted on the plan.

Standard setbacks are not on the plan, the Board requests the setbacks be placed on the plan.

Motion was made to accept the subdivision with the set backs and state subdivision approval.

        Arey/DeBold                             (Passed)


DESIGN REVIEW:  Carl Mahlstedt/Goosebay Lumber
        Additional addition to Mill Building
        Map 4, Lot 157, Dover Road
Abutters: None present

Mr. Mahlstedt presented the Board with final plans. The Board was in agreement that the addition was acceptable.

PUBLIC HEARING: Carl Mahlstedt/Goosebay Lumber
        Additional addition to Mill Building
        Map 4, Lot 157, Dover Road
Abutters: None present

Mr. Mahlstedt presented the Board with final plans.

Motion was made to accept the plan.

        Arey/McIntosh                     (Passed)

DESIGN REVIEW:  Jeff Blanchard/Bobcat NE
        Wash Bay, 22X36 feet
        Map 4, Lot 150B, Dover Road
Abutters: Lou Barker

Tom Murphy presented plans to the Board, State Department of Transportation has sent a letter stating they do not need a new driveway permit because there is not a change in use. The wash bay will recycle the water and not be place in the septic system at all.

PUBLIC HEARING: Jeff Blanchard/Bobcat NE
        Site Review - Wash Bay
        Map 4, Lot 150B, Dover Road
Abutters: Lou Barker

Tom Murphy presented final plans to the Board. Mr. Blanchard requested that the mylar be held until the grading of the east slope and the final survey is done before they submit the mylar so all things can be recorded at once. It was explained that this project needed to be recorded and if in the future another plan with topography and other site specifics was to be recorded he could do that without a hearing.

Motion was made to accept the site review.

        Arey/Lawrence   (Passed)


DISCUSSION:     Mariana Thorne
        Home Occupation – Hair Salon
        Map 3, Lot 85-14, Harvest Road

Ms. Thorne would like to have a small hair salon in her home to cut a few friend’s and family’s hair. She would be putting in one station with sink. She needs to check with the state on what they need from her and from us. The Home Occupation will need to go through public hearing. If granted a home occupation the Board will require a letter from the state that the home occupation meets all state requirements.

Public Hearing set for November 1, 2001

DISCUSSION:     Patricia Dalbec
        Home Occupation – Antiques/Collectibles
        Map 4, Lot 153, Dover Road

Ms. Dalbec would like to have a small Antique/Collectible home occupation at her house on Dover Road. She spoke with someone at the state and they stated she would not need to provide a toilet facilities or handicapped access. The Board explained that any home occupation in the commercial zone needed to go through site review and meet the site review regulations. Ms. Dalbec will notify the Board if she will continue.
DISCUSSION:     Paul Adams
        Proposal of “Wetlands Ordinance”

Mr. Adams asked to poll the Board to see their like and dislikes for an ordinance of this kind, most members were in favor of a wetlands ordinance and would possibly undertake and work on such an ordinance.

Mr. Adams stated that the Conservation Commission was invited to attend the meeting and it seems they choose not to show. Mr. Andrews did come to the meeting but had a prior commitment and could not stay but did leave some information with Chairman Brehm.

Mr. Andrews stated that he did not get an invitation to the meeting just the last paragraph of Mr. Adams letter which states “I have requested the Planning Board to schedule this draft ordinance as an agenda Discussion Item at the October meeting of the Planning Board on October 4, 2001 at 7PM at the Grange Hall.”

The Board was in agreement that the town attorney and Central NH Regional Planning Commission (CNHRPC) needed to review the RSA’s and logistics of the ordinance.

There were a few questions about wet lands delineators, underground storage tanks, buffer zones. Do we really need this ordinance, does the state provide all this.


The Board is working on a change in the zoning on another item and will do there best to work on this ordinance after it has been review by the town attorney and CNHRPC.

Mr. Adams wanted to bring to the attention of the Board that RSA: 675:4 states that this ordinance could go on the ballot as a petition and did not need to go through Planning Board at all. Mr. Adams would like to know when he will know if the Board will work on this item, Chairman Brehm stated he would expect to know something by the next meeting.

The Board will request a copy of Wet lands ordinance Bow, Dunbarton, New Boston, Hopkinton and any other area towns CNHRPC thinks we should have.

Chairman Brehm requested that all members try to attend the working meeting on Tuesday, October 9th, 2001 at 7pm. Secretary Deachman to contact Ron Lesieur.

Motion to adjourn.

                           Arey/Bailey                           (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.

        Respectfully submitted,

        Stan Brehm
        Acting Chairman



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