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Planning Board Minutes 03/04/1999



MARCH 4, 1999

PRESENT:  Chairman Tracy Scott, Joanna McIntosh, Paul Adams, Ron Lesieur, Stan Brehm, Richard DeBold, Pauline Cote, Harold Arey, Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Scott introduced the Board and informed the Board the review of the minutes  of February 4, 1999 will be placed at the end of the agenda.

Chairman Scott informed the alternates, Richard Debold, Pauline Cote and Joanna McIntosh, that they will be voting members tonight.

PUBLIC HEARING;                         Joseph & Theresa Phinney and
                                                Michael & Diana Eaton
                                                Lot Line Adjustment, Map 4, Lot 78
                                                Burnt Hill Road

ABUTTERS:  Joseph Wherle

Theresa Phinney presented the Board with final plans.  Diana Eaton was also present.  The final plans included all items in which the Board had requested. Mrs. Eaton was concerned that the driveway that is on the plan would have to be exactly as it is shown, the Board informed.  The board agrees that the actual placement of the driveway could be anywhere within the bounds of the fifty foot piece of land that the driveway shown on the mylar was for informational purposes only.  

Motion was made to accept the plan as submitted.

                        Arey/Lesieur            (Passed)


PUBLIC HEARING:                         Peter Holmes/Steven Davis, Mural House Owner
                                                Site Review - New Business - retail & wholesale                                                 carpet store, Map 5, Lot 64, Suncook Valley Road

Mr. David Noyes, Registered Land Surveyor, presented the Board with revised plans with all the requested changes.

Mr. Holmes is requesting a waiver on paved parking spaces, the Board was in agreement that the parking needed to be paved.

Motion was made to accept the plan adding parking to the right of existing parking in front of building and all parking paved.

                        Arey/DeBold             (Passed)

PUBLIC HEARING:                         Dan Conlin/Luke Smith Owner
                                                Site Review - New Business -Used Car Lot
                                                Map 2, Lot 87, Dover Road

Mr. Conlin presented the Board with final plans.  He has moved the building about 70 feet to the east due to the location of a second well.

The Board has not received word back from Bill Rollins at SEA as of this evening.  The following information will need.

Permit Numbers for septic and driveway noted on the plan
Easement of driveway needs a note on the plan
#11 Cape Cod is misspelled
#’s 1 & 9 to be removed
Title Block with owner name.
SEA approval

Motion to accept with the above issues completed.

                        Arey/McIntosh           (Passed)


DESIGN REVIEW &:                        Mark Drew
PUBLIC HEARING:                         Subdivision
                                                Map 1, Lot 4, Lovers Lane & Short Falls Road

ABUTTERS: Joseph Wherle

Mr. Drew presented the Board with final plans signed by a soil scientist.  The soil scientist  has found adequate buildable soils for this lot.

Design Review closed.

Public Hearing opened

ABUTTERS:  Joseph Wherle

Motion was made to accept the plan.

                        Arey/Brehm              (Passed)

DESIGN REVIEW:                  Craig Shibles
                                        Home Occupation _ Antique Shop
                                        Map 9, Lot 134A, Suncook Valley Road

Mr. Shibles presented the Board with drawings for his Home Occupation.  

The Board informed Mr. Shibles he should notify NH Department of Transportation District 5 in Hookset of the change of use of the property it may need a new driveway permit.

Public Hearing set for April 1, 1999

DISCUSSION:                     Shaw/Hatch Lot Line Adjustment
                                        conflict with deed and approved plan
                                        Map 4, Lots 26 & 36, Horse Corner Road

The Board was given a letter from the Shaw’s attorney and the town’s attorney to review.  The Shaws will give the town’s attorney letter to their attorney and let him handle the process from there.


DISCUSSION:                     Craig McIntosh
                                        Home Occupation
                                        Towing - Repossession
                                        Map 6, Lot 39-1, Bear Hill Road

Mr. McIntosh would like to have a towing-repossession business.  He will check with the state to find out what he needs to get his state license.

There will not be any autos left on his property. No advertising of the business.

DISCUSSION:                     Bob Tarantino/Lewis Marston Owner
                                        New Business - Glass Shop
                                        Map 8, Lot 51, Suncook Valley Road

Mr. Tarantino would like to build a building to suit his glass shop needs and maybe allow for a rental office space.

The business would be repairing auto glass and house glass.  The building will need area for automobiles to be driven in to repair the glass.

Design Review set for April 1, 1999

DISCUSSION:                     Blaine Hopkins/Doug Hamel Owner
                                        Telecommunications Tower
                                        Map3, Lot 29, Dover Road

Mr. Hopkins company would like to build a 190 foot tower on this property.

The Board was in agreement that this exceeds permitted height and is not a permitted use.

Motion was made to deny this request.

                        Arey/Cote               (Passed)

Letter to follow on the denial.


DISCUSSION:                     Daniel Welden, Trustee
                                        SMTM Realty Trust
                                        Map 10, Lot 9-1, Hilliard Road

Mr. Tim Bernier, Registered Land Surveyor, presented the Board with plans for a 6 lot subdivision.

The plan needs to go to the town engineer.

Escrow Account set at $500.00

Design Review set for April 1, 1999

DISCUSSION:                     Larry Ricker/Matthew Ricker Owner
                                        Map 3, Lot 94, King Road/Loudon Town Line

Mr. Ricker told the Board the selectmen told him he could make a private road to create frontage so he could subdivide and build a home on the property in question.

The Board was not aware of any private road rules and requested Chairman Scott to speak with Attorney Goldman.

DISCUSSION:                     Dr. Tina Trudel
                                        Group Home
                                        Map 3, Lot 70, King Road

Dr. Trudel informed the Board that her company has purchased this property and will operate a 9 bed group home for mostly wheel chair bound individuals with neurological damage who need 24 hour care.

The Board will fill out state required form and pass it on to the next office that is needs to sign.

The Group Home meets the zoning regulations.


OTHER BUSINESS:                         Minutes of 2/4/99

The Board was requested to review the minutes of February 4, 1999 2 minor changes were made.

Motion was made to accept the minutes with 2 minor changes.

                Arey/Joanna             (Passed)

Motion was made to adjourn.

                Arey/                   (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 10:00pm

                                                Respectfully Submitted,

                                                Tracy Scott



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