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Planning Board Minutes 02/04/1999




FEBRUARY 4, 1999

PRESENT:  Chairman Tracy Scott, Joanna McIntosh, Paul Adams, Ted Bailey, Ron Lesieur, Skip Lawrence, Stan Brehm, Richard DeBold, Pauline Cote, Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Scott introduced the Board and asked the Board to review the minutes of January 7, 1999.

Motion was made to accept the minutes as written.

                Brehm/Adams                     (Passed)

PUBLIC HEARING:                         Karl & Frank Merrill and Karla Brown
                                                Lot Line Adjustment/Subdivision
                                                Map 9, Lot 54 &55, Map 10, Lot 2
                                                Pleasant Street and Healey Pasture Road

Mr. Adams stepped down for this hearing as he is an abutter, Joanna McIntosh will be a voting member.


Tim Bernier presented the Board with plans of the site and explained that the existing lots will change and two new lots will be created.  The existing road will be extended to a cul-de-sac.

Abutters were again concerned about wet lands on one of the lots.  Mr. Bernier had a soil Scientist review and walk the property in question and drilled several auger pits and came to the conclusion that the piece of property was residential soil so the zoning would be 200 foot frontage and 2 acres and he proceeded to locate 90% buildable soils on the plan and that is what has be denoted.  

Motion to accept the subdivision.


SEA Consultants will work with Mr. Merrill on the building of the road, Chairman Scott will speak with Bill Rollins from SEA.


DISCUSSION:                             Joseph & Theresa Phinney and
                                                Michael & Diane Eaton
                                                Lot Line Adjustment
                                                Map 4, Lot 78, Burnt Hill Road


Mr. Phinney presented plans to the Board on the proposed lot line adjustment.  A few items were not on the plan the actual road way is missing, remove existing drive way and add new driveway.  Note# 4 to include R7-12 which is also part of the deeded property in Epsom.  The mylar will also state that this 50 foot parcel is not  a buildable lot.

Public Hearing set for March 4, 1999.

DISCUSSION:                             Peter & Connie Holmes
                                                Steven Davis, Mural House
                                                New Business                                                                                    Map 5, Lot 64, Suncook Valley Road

No Abutters were present, but one abutter sent a letter stating he approved of the new business.

David Noyes, Registered Land Surveyor presented the Board with plans of what would be done to the property as far as additional parking and in the future additional building as well as relocating the driveway.  Mr. Holmes would land fill for travel lane.  James Long, Soil Scientist explained the auger tests he preformed and how much area could be filled without getting involved with the wetlands.

Mr. Holmes understands the site review process and will follow the checklist parking is by first floor square footage.  Also needs additional spaces for employees.  Three spaces for family dwelling seems to be reasonable.  Overhead doors need to be shown on the plan.

Mr. Holmes has gone to State Highway District 5 and is going to return next week to discuss the driveway permit.  State Department of Environmental Services will not submit a letter of approval because the project will not include any wetlands.

Public Hearing set for March 4, 1999.


DISCUSSION:                     Dan Conlin/Luke Smith owner
                                        Used Car Lot
                                        Map 2, Lot 87, Dover Road

ABUTTERS:  Diane Dunlap

Mr. Conlin presented the Board with a plan of his proposed Used Car Lot.  The lot will be about 22% paved.  He will look into the building having floor drains and a holding tank.

Mr. Conlin has been in contact with District 5 for driveway approval and has applied for septic approval.

Abutters concerns were increased traffic and noise although Mr. Conlin was in hope to have a traffic problem it is not a concern, this is not a big operation and they will not be doing major repairs on vehicles.

The owner Luke Smith spoke with the Board about the Beaver Pond and dam.

The Board was in agreement that this project would need to go to the Town engineer.  Tracy to call.


Public Hearing set for March 4, 1999

DISCUSSION:                     Shaw/Hatch Lot Line Adjustment
                                        Conflict with deed and approved plan
                                        Map 4, Lots 26 & 36 Horse Corner and Dover Roads


DISCUSSION:                     Mark Drew/Geraldine Hatch Owner
                                        Drainage issue
                                        Map 4, Lot 26, Horse Corner & Dover Roads

Mr. Drew presented the Board with a new design on the runoff for this property.  His concern is that the fire pond may dry out with the way the detention pond and pipe will drain the water as the existing plan shows.  The runoff from the property now goes into the existing fire pond and if changed, the water course will be reversed by use of the detention pond and pipe which may result in the fire pond losing runoff from this property.  The water would flow down to Horse Corner Road into State culverts down Main Street and into the large pond behind the Fire Station, which it already does now  it just goes through the fire pond first.  Mr. Drew states that he has been in contact with Mr. Holden and SEA and they are in agreement that the water course should stay as it is.  Chairman Scott to speak with SEA to try to solve this problem.


Chairman Scott will contact Bill Rollins at SEA to discuss the issue.

DISCUSSION:                     Mark Drew
                                        Map 1, Lot 4, Lovers Lane & Short Falls Road

Mr. Drew submitted new plans for the subdivision site.  The new lot is in wetlands per Merrimack County Soil Survey and would be an unbuildable lot.  The Board explained to Mr. Drew that he would need a soil scientist to prove the soil survey wrong.

Mr. Drew to have a soil scientist test the property.

DISCUSSION:                     Renee Darling, prospective buyer of Chiam Express
                                        New Businesses
                                        Map 4, Lot 159, Dover Road

Ms. Darling would like to purchase Chiam Express and have 4 businesses on the site.  A store, small sit down and take out restaurant, miniature golf and rental apartment.

Ms. Darling had many questions for the Board on issues of concern like:  signs, parking, septic, fencing, and other issues that the site review checklist would answer.

The Board was in agreement that they could do all of these things and if they followed the site review checklist and worked with a surveyor they should have no problems.

Ms. Darling will call when she is ready to proceed.


The Budget Committee has suggested that the Board increase its fees. Pauline to research other towns to see what they charge and the Board will discuss the issue again next month.

Motion was made to adjourn.

                Lawrence/Bailey                 (Passed)

                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Tracy Scott

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