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Planning Board Minutes 06/03/1999
(603) 798-4350

JUNE 3, 1999

PRESENT: Chairman Tracy Scott, Harold Arey, Richard DeBold, Joanna McIntosh, Martin Lawrence, Ron Lesieur, Paul Adams, Ted Bailey, Stan Brehm, Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Scott introduced the Board and requested that they review the minutes of May 6, 1999.

The following corrections were made to the Minutes of May 6, 1999:

Page 3; first paragraph will read; There will be a fence adequate to meet the town request 6, 8, or 10 feet, they also will put up a squirrel cage type deterrent on the tower for situations if someone gets into the fence, this is built out from the tower at a sufficient height.

Page 4; second line will read; There was discussion on whether this was a class 5 or 6 road, the selectmen representative assured the Board this was a class 5 road.

Motion was made to accept the minutes of May 6, 1999 with the above changes.

                        Arey/McIntosh                   (Passed)


Nomination of Tracy Scott was made by Harold Arey and Seconded by Ted Bailey. Tracy Scott was reelected by unanimous vote.

DESIGN REVIEW AND                       Kevin Mara
PUBLIC HEARING:                 Site Review – Addition to Building
                                        Map 3, Lot 23, King and Dover Road

No Abutters present.

Brian Lombard presented plans and read a letter from Dr. Mara.

The Total square footage of the building will be 5520; the office area is 2760 square foot as well as the residence.  There will be no kenneling of dogs on this property.

The Board is still concerned with the septic system.  The Board was in agreement the size of the tank and the leach field would be necessary. Note #8 on plan should state no significant change in the flow to the septic system, Mr. Lombard will speak with the company that pumps the system to get sizes of tank and leach field.


No Abutters present.


With all the septic system concerns noted and addressed. Amoskeag Falls Management Corp. will conduct septic tests.

Motion was made to accept the site review with the conditions met.

                        Arey/DeBold               (Passed)

DESIGN REVIEW AND                       Craig Shibbles
PUBLIC HEARING:                 Home Occupation – Bedding Sales
                                        Map 9, Lot 134A, Suncook Valley Road

No abutters present.

Mr. Shibbles will be selling bedding from his home.


No abutters present

Motion was made to accept this Home Occupation.

                Brehm/Lesieur                   (Passed)

                                        INCREASE IN HEARING COSTS

The board was in agreement that the fees for subdivisions, site review and other board related reviews need to be increased to bring the amount recouped close to the expenses.

The fees will take effect with discussions from June 3, 1999.

Motion was made to accept the new fees.

                Arey/Lawrence                   (Passed)

DESIGN REVIEW:                  Blaine Hopkins/Doug Hamel Property
                                        Telecommunications Tower
                                        Map 3, Lot 29, Dover Road

No abutters present.

Mr. Hopkins explained the site with roadway.  The road will be graveled with a gated entrance with a lock box for emergencies.  The compound will be 70 feet by 70 feet enclosed with 10-foot high fence topped with barbed wire. The tower will be galvanized gray in color and lightning grounded.  The tower has approximate 110% setback from any property line or road.  The compound will be equipped with alarms, which the carrier will be notified and they will notify local police.

A maximum of 6 carriers will be permitted on this tower, if this number is to increase a public hearing will need to be conducted to raise the height of the tower.

A $ 20,000 bond will be posted for removal if this site is abandoned.

Telecommunications tower continued.

Pictures were passed around of the balloon flight as well as pictures of the tower superimposed on them.

There will be tower and compound space available with installation at no charge.  Emergency ropes and slings and proper training will be provided by Associated Telecommunications Consultants.

The frequencies used are covered by FCC and will not bother TV, Radio or cordless phones, this is guaranteed.

There is no place in town high enough where the tower could be hidden like a church steeple or barn.

Public Hearing set for July 1, 1999

DESIGN REVIEW:                  Robert Lincoln/Edward Drew Owner
                                        Site Review – New Building – Retail Store
                                        Map 3, Lot 18, Dover Road
No abutters present.

Webb Stout, Registered Land Surveyor presented the Board with Preliminary plans.  State septic and driveway permits are pending.  Proposing a 10,000-foot building.

The state has a slope easement and existing drainage swale these issues will be looked at with the driveway permit.

The Board was in agreement that the paved parking spaces would be 50% of the required parking based on the usage of the property.

Public Hearing set for July 1, 1999

DESIGN REVIEW:                  Mike Seraikas/Mary Upton Owner
                                        Map 7, Lot 17, Ferrin Road

Abutters present: Guy & Kim Mitchell, Bob & Kathy Gagne and William Dobbins.

There is a public hearing with the selectmen set for June 22, 1999 at 7:00pm the Board was in agreement that at this time we could not here this subdivision request.

Mike Seraikas will contact Andrea

Tabled to July 1, 1999

DISCUSSION:                             Jim Mullaney
                                        Map 2, Lot 51, Horse Corner Road

Webb Stout presented the Board with plans for this subdivision.  The proposal is subdividing a 70-acre lot into 22 lots with the smallest lot at 2 acres and a road of 2650 feet.  The houses will consist of 3 bedroom $180,000 to $250,000.


After discussion Mr. Mullaney would like to come back to the Board with Cluster type plans.  The Board has asked Tracy to speak with Attorney Goldman on cluster property.  Voluntary impact fees were discussed.

Discussion will continue to July 1, 1999

DISCUSSION:             Mark Drew                                       Subdivision
                                        Map 1, Lot 4, Short Falls Road

Mr. Drew would like to subdivide this lot into 2 2 _ acre lots.  All requirements are met to continue.  Mr. Drew will need state septic approvals and town driveway permits.

Design Review and Public Hearing set for July 1, 1999

DISCUSSION:                             Mark Drew
                                        Horse Corner and Dover Road Property
                                        Change in drainage on plans

Mr. Drew discussed the drainage issue.  Mr. Drew will be meeting with State Department of Transportation, Holden Engineering and Town Engineer SEA Consultants.  After an agreement has been met a note needs to be on the new plan with all signatures of the above mentioned.
Motion was made to allow the parking spaces at the gasoline pumps to be included in the count of adequate parking spaces needed for this project.

DISCUSSION:                             Edith Bailat Owner
                                        in-law apartment
                                        Map 4, Lot 147
                                        Dover and Cross Roads

Unable to attend.

DISCUSSION:                             Ron Duford
                                        Question on Buildable lots
                                        Map 7, Lot 1, Hilliard Road

Not necessary for him to attend.

DISCUSSION:                             Mike Anderson
                                        Site Review, Rental Units
                                        Map 4, Lot 160, Dover Road

Mr. Anderson presented the Board with new plans of this site.  He will be moving the rental space into the residence and the whole lot will be considered commercial.

Mr. Anderson received a letter from the selectmen.  The Board was in agreement that Mr. Anderson needs to send a letter to the selectmen stating he is starting a new site review for expansion of the business and addition to the building with the Planning Board and should be complete within 60 days.  Within 3 months the addition to the building should be complete and commercial use will begin.

Design Review and Public Hearing set for July 1, 1999


DISCUSSION:                             Bill Harris/ Harris Family Furniture
                                        Change in addition
                                        Map 4, Lot 155, Dover Road

Mr. Harris would like to change the addition from the approved March 1998 to new design.

Add an 8-ft X 16 ft corridor connection, 24 ft X 32 ft office and _ bath, 64 ft X 104 ft metal warehouse and an 18 ft X 30 ft addition to the Jelly Cupboard.  Will have 25 paved parking spaces and new septic design on the plan with state approval.  The septic system is fine but the state requires a new design incase of system failure in the commercial zone.

Design Review and Public Hearing set for July 1, 1999

DISCUSSION:                             Larry Ricker
                                        King Road

Would like to subdivide his lot. Mr. Ricker states the selectmen told him they could approve a town road over a private way pursuant to RSA 231:28 Conditional Layout for Existing Private Rights-of-Way or Class VI Highways.  The Board was confused as to the selectmen approving a road.  The Board stated that the road needs to be brought up to town specs and in subdivision regulations town specs means a paved road.  The selectmen’s representative states the road does not need to be paved.

Chairman Scott will speak with Attorney Goldman about this issue, which the Board considers self-serving and not a town road.  Chairman Scott will contact the Board after he speaks with the towns’ attorney.

Motion was made to adjourn.

                        Arey/Lawrence                   (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 11:17pm

                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Tracy Scott

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