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Planning Board Minutes 12/29/1999
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DECEMBER 29, 1999

PRESENT:  Chairman Tracy Scott, Ted Bailey, Skip Lawrence, Joanna McIntosh, Stan Brehm, Pauline Cote, Richard DeBold, Paul Adams, Andrea Deachman

Chairman Scott introduced the Board and explained the reason for this hearing.

A sub-committee was chosen and has put together an extensive growth study for the town. The town is in need of a growth ordinance and the growth study is to prove the ordinance is deemed necessary.  The growth study involves all aspects of town services, schools, fire, police, and roads, both in Chichester and surrounding towns.  The conclusion the sub-committee came to was a growth limit of 1.39% or 12 residential housing permits for the calendar year 2000. Chairman Scott gave the towns people a chance to discuss the study and give their opinions. Many questions were asked and answered to the best of the Boards ability.

Attorney Brandon Giuda has offered his services in the future to help in the wording of the growth study.  The Board was most appreciative for the offer.  Attorney Paul Twomey, School Board member commended the sub-committee on the terrific job done on the study.

Concerns on how legal the ordinance would be, many town in New Hampshire have similar ordinances and the Board feels we need to start somewhere.

The following list is of persons who were at the meeting but is not a complete list of all present: Bob Mann, Mark Drew, Steve MacCleery, Russell MacCleery, Peter & Ruth Hammen, Jim Mulanney, Richard Bean, John Martel, Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ricker, Karl Merrill, Frank Merrill, Paul Twomey, Brandon Giuda.

Some of the concerns and questions were as follows:  

Can we save permits for current Chichester residences? No that would not be legal.

Can we limit the number in a single subdivision?  The Board believes that we can limit so every one has a chance to build.

Should the town be given options on limits? No, we need to stick to one number and get a majority vote.

Is an approved subdivision grandfathered in regards to the building permits? No, the Board is in agreement that there are no exemptions to the building ordinance.

Discussion on the growth study was closed.

                                        TOWN OF CHICHESTER

The percent increase in permits allowed will change to 1.39% or 12 permits for the 2000 calendar year.

Several  suggestions were made on how to limit the 12 permits;  limit by acres owned, by developer or subdivision, by quarter, first come first serve 1 per person, subdivision or developer then release the remaining in March or the 4th quarter. Maximum of 3 per developer or subdivision with 1/00 start and 7/00 release of the remaining permits.

Motion was made to change the percentage to 1.39% and to add the following:

Under Issuance of Building Permits:
Subdivision:  No one subdivision shall be entitled to more than three building permits in any one calendar year.

Section VI – Effective Date
Adoption of this ordinance includes the repeal of all prior growth management ordinances currently in effect.  This ordinance becomes effective upon adoption and shall be reviewed by the Planning annually to determine if the ordinance shall be relaxed or ended.

The public hearing will be continued to January 6, 2000.

Motion was made to adjourn.

                Lawrence/McIntosh                       (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 10:45pm

                                                Respectfully Submitted,

                                                Tracy Scott, Chairman

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