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Planning Board Minutes 04/01/1999
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APRIL 1, 1999

PRESENT: Chairman Tracy Scott, Harold Arey, Joanna McIntosh, Paul Adams, Ron Lesieur, Stan Brehm, Richard DeBold, Pauline Cote, Martin Lawrence,

Chairman Scott introduced the Board and requested that they review the minutes of March 4, 1999.

Motion was made to accept the minutes as changed and amended.  Arey/Lesieur

Chairman Scott
PUBLIC HEARING:                 Craig Shibles
                                        Home Occupation – Antique Shop
                                        Map 9, Lot 134A, Suncook Valley Road
Abutters;  None present
Motion made to approve home occupation permit after receipt of letter from Distinct Five concerning driveway. Arey/Lesieur
Motion Passed

DESIGN REVIEW:                  Bob Tarantino/Lewis Marston Owner
                                        Site Review – New Business – Glass Shop/Rental Space
                                        Map 8, Lot 51, Suncook Valley Road

Abutters present;  Russell MacCleery,  Suzzanne Briggs

Tammy Mouseau representing  Bob Tarantino discussed parking requirements.  Abutters raised the concern of storm water run off.  The Chairman asked the applicants to address the parking requirement issue and have a review by SEA when the plans are presented at the public heating,  Public hearing scheduled for 6 May 1999 meeting.

DESIGN REVIEW:                  SMTM Realty Trust, Daniel Welden, Trustee
                                        Map 10, Lot 9-1, Hilliard Road

Abutters present;  Anthony Torrey

Tim Bernier representing SMTM Realty Trust, presented the plans addressing the concerns of the planning board (contour lines and an evaluation by a soil scientist.)   Mr. Torrey, a resident on an adjoining lot, with a lower elevation expressed concerns about the potential flooding problems that can be aggravated by building on the lot immediately adjacent to him.  The board shared his concerns.  The board agreed to meet the soil scientist and walk the property.
Public hearing scheduled for 6 May 1999.

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DESIGN REVIEW:                  Debbie Fox/Lloyd Kendall Owner
                                        Home Occupation – Reflexology
                                        Map 3, Lot 15, Dover Road

Abutters present; None
Driveway permit still pending.  Public hearing scheduled for 6 May 1999.

DISCUSSION:                             Gary DePalma – Gary’s RV
                                        Site Review – RV Show Lot
                                        Map 3, Lot 9, Dover Road

Mr. Depalma purchased this lot and wishes to grade and pave part of it.  Access and egress will be from the present driveway.  It will be lighted and have an 8 foot fence.  The chairman asked to have SEA look at plan to insure the provisions for drainage are adequate.  Design Review and Public hearing scheduled for 6 May 1999.

DISCUSSION;                             David & Susan Hartley
                                        Home Occupation
                                        Map 5 Lot 81

Mr. Hartley discussed his sign business and his change of location from route 28 to his home.  A public hearing is scheduled for May 1999.

                                        Respectfully Submitted

                                        Tracy Scott                     

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