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Planning Board Minutes 07/09/1998




JULY 9, 1998

PRESENT:  Acting Chairman Stan Brehm, Ted Bailey, Harold Arey, Skip Lawrence, Ron Lesieur, Dave Bickert, Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Brehm called the meeting to order at 7:05pm introduced the Board and requested the Board to review the minutes of June 4, 1998, the following changes were made:

Page 2 under Discussion Debbie Fox/ Debbie Kenneally...third paragraph review, therefore paving and a reproducible mylar... shall say; therefore items such as paving and a reproducible...

forth paragraph ...grandfathered as a business. change period to comma and add but had not been running for the past year. Then delete rest of paragraph.

Page 3 under Discussion Paul Adams...first paragraph ...commercial development in the area he has been assigned... change to has volunteered to do this project and the selectmen have approved it.  Second paragraph Mr. Adams will also be updating... change updating to developing.

Page 3 under Discussion Board of Adjustment second paragraph second line remove the “and” between case and they and delete “to be heard” at the end of the sentence.

Motion was made to accept the minutes with the above changes.

DESIGN REVIEW AND                       ENIGMA Holdings,LLC/Dr. Kevin Mara
PUBLIC HEARING:                         Central NH Animal Care
                                                Map 3, Lot 23, Dover & King Roads

Tabled to end of meeting, Dr. Mara had an emergency.


DESIGN REVIEW:                          Mark McNichol/Crossroads II Corp
                                                Site Review
                                                Car Wash
                                                Map 4, Lot 167, Horse Corner and Dover Roads

ABUTTERS PRESENT:  Gil & Lis Lazich, Jim & Liz Botelho and Tracy Shaw

Mr. McNichol presented the Board with the plan on the addition of the car wash which will be 50’ x 26’.  The dry well will be filled in.

The issue of the sign was brought to Mr. McNichols attention that he would be receiving a letter stating he was in violation of his site review because the sign he erected is flashing and moving.  This violation will not effect this new site review.

An abutter was concerned that she would lose what little water she has in her wells and would like to know what could be done about this.  Neither Mr. McNichol nor the Board could guarantee that there would not be a water shortage, but assured the abutter that Mr. McNichol’s well is in approved site on the property and 500 feet down he probably won’t interfere with other wells located nearby.

Motion was made to accept the design review.

                        Arey/Bailey             (Passed)

Public Hearing set for August 6, 1998

DESIGN REVIEW:                          Mike Anderson
                                                Site Review
                                                Retail Building
                                                Map 4, Lot 160, Dover Road

Mr. Anderson presented the Board with plans for his proposed site review.  After review the Board is in agreement to have the Town Engineer review the plan.

Motion to accept the plan with the recommendations from the Town Engineer.

                        Arey/Bailey             (Passed)

Public Hearing set for August 6, 1998


DISCUSSION:                             Don & Tammy Russell and
                                                Clayton & Arlene Weeks
                                                Map 10, Lots 30-2 and 32, Ring Road
                                                Sent by Selectmen
                                                Building on Class VI Road

Mr. Russell would like to build on a piece of property he owns on Ring Road.  Mr. Russell is willing to bring the road up to the level of the existing road to the end of Mr. & Mrs. Weeks property.  The Russells and the Weeks are willing to sign waivers of responsibility.

Motion is the opinion of the Board that the Selectmen shall allow building on the continuation of Ring Road with the understanding that all parties will follow all provisions of RSA 674:41.  This opinion of the Board is based on judgements relative to Ring Road only.
                        Arey/Lawrence                   (Passed)

DISCUSSION:                             Robert Towle/Bruce Luksza Property
                                                Rental Storage Building and Pallet
                                                Recycling Business
                                                Map 9, Lot 19, Swiggey Brook Road

Ray Bourcier presented the Board with plans and pointed out where on the property the pallet business and storage buildings would be located.  Mr. Towle explained the the pallet building would be 40’ x 60’ and when he had finished with that business in five (5) or so years the pallet building would become rental storage as well.

The Board suggested Mr. Towle speak with the present abutters on what his plans are for the land, because of the hard feelings from before, Mr. Towle agreed.

A question as to wether Swiggey Brook Road can handle two (2) tractor trailer trucks per day was a concern.  They would like to change the driveway entrance to the property and will discuss this with the road agent.

Mr. Towle will contact Secretary Deachman when he is ready to proceed.

DISCUSSION:                             Jim Mobbs
                                                Lot Line Adjustment
                                                Map 2, Lots 52 & 53, Horse Corner Road

Mr. Mobbs presented the Board with a plan and explained how the two lots would be after the adjustment.


The Board was in agreement to hold a design review/public hearing for this small lot line adjustment.  Hearings set for August 6, 1998.

DISCUSSION:                             ELECTION:  Chairman

A motion was made to elect Tracy Scott to another term.

                        Arey/Bailey             (Passed)

Dr. Mara was unable to make this meeting due to an emergency he will remain on the agenda for August 6, 1998.

Motion was made to adjourn.


Meeting adjourned at 9:24pm

                                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                        Stanley Brehm
                                                        Acting Chairman

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