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Planning Board Minutes 04/03/1997



APRIL 3, 1997

PRESENT: Acting Chairman Ron Lesieur, Jeff Andrews, Stanley Brehm, Harold Arey,
Ted Bailey, Dave Bickert, Skip Lawrence, Tracy Scott, Andrea Deachman

Chairman Lesieur Called the meeting to order at 7:07pm and asked the Board to review the Minutes of March 6, 1997, secretary Deachman read corrections from Paul Adams.

Chairman Lesieur advised the Board that Harold Arey would be a voting member tonight.

Motion was made to accept the minutes as revised.

                        Andrews/Arey            (Passed)

PUBLIC HEARING:                         Bruce Luksza
Continued from December 1996    Subdivision
                                                Map 9, Lot 19, Swiggey Brook Rd.

                                                CALLED,  unable to attend is waiting for perk tests.

Motion was made to continue Subdivision Public Hearing.
                        Scott/Arey                      (Passed)

PUBLIC HEARING:                         DSM, Inc., William Perry
                                                Jim Spain & Joseph Spain
                                                Map 1, Lot 27, Hutchinson Rd.

Surveyor Steve Luger presented the Board with site plans which had added test pit sites.  DSM., Inc. had received and reviewed the letter from the Town Engineer and agreed to give easements and add culverts.  Mr. Luger will also do another plan which will be more legible with out topography and soil data that will also be recorded with the Registry of Deeds.

Abutters present were:  Steve Camerino, Marsha Rich and Brian Murray.


Mr. Camerino asked about the water problems, driveway placement and road width.

Most of the water problems will be fixed with the easements and added culverts.  The driveway placements will have to be done with the Road Agent.  The road width will be up to the Road Agent.

Lot 27-8 has a large puddled area which needs to be addressed and drained.

The abutters voiced concerned that the only notification they receive is just before the meeting to grant approval.

Slope easement of fifteen (15) feet will be given to the town.

A 1-400 scaled map will be on separate plan.

Motion was made to accept the subdivision plan with condition of 15 foot slope easement 1 - 400' scaled map and notation on plan the Road agent will approve drainage up grades and driveway locations, also, another plan to be recorded with out topography and soil data.

                        Andrews/Scott                   (Passed)

DISCUSSION:                     Jackie Gayer
                                        Lot Line Adjustment
                                        Map 6, Lot 36, Bear Hill Rd.

David Noyes Land Surveyor presented plans which shows Ms. Gayer giving land to Lloyd and Richard Ricker abutters who have signed notarized plans of all parties agreeing to the lot line adjustment.

Motion was made to accept the plan upon notification of abutters and 1-400 tax map plan.

                        Scott/Brehm             (Passed)

Letters will be sent to the abutters certified mail, abutters will have 30 days to respond.

DISCUSSION:                     Russ and Mary Jane Ricker
                                        Map 9, lot 113B, Kelley’s Corner Rd.

Mr. Ricker is trying to subdivide his property he has asked the State for an access off Route 28 and has been denied.  In order to put a driveway in to the commercial lot the driveway will come out on to Kelley’s Corner Rd. in rural agricultural zoning.


Referred to the Zoning Board of Adjustment with recommendation of allowance of the driveway to the commercial zone property to come off Kelley’s Corner Rd. in the rural agricultural zone.  Refer to zoning page 5 All driveway access...

DISCUSSION:                             Craig Keeler
                                                Lot Line Adjustment
                                                Map 6, Lot 21, Canterbury Rd.

Mr. Keeler showed the Board a sketch of his property and how he would like to do the lot line adjustment.  Mr. Keeler does not have enough frontage with both lots.

The Board referred Mr. Keeler to the Zoning Board of Adjustment with recommendation of the exception of frontage to do the Lot Line Adjustment.

DISCUSSION:                             Kathy Ward
                                                Map 7, Lot 27, Bear Hill Rd.

Ms. Ward presented the Board with plans for a four (4) lot subdivision and asked the Board what she needed?

She was given a subdivision checklist and regulation and set for a Preliminary Hearing May 1, 1997.

DISCUSSION:                             Fred Moses              
                                                Site Review - Modular Home Sales
                                                Map 4, Lot 161A, Dover Rd.

Mr. Moses presented the Board with a sketch and explained he would like to have a model showroom and office on site with the other sites available up to 3 total models would be on site.  The model showroom and office would have septic and water and will be heated.

Mr. Moses was given a site review checklist and informed a surveyor would need to do a plan for the Board, it was also explained  he would need to come back for a preliminary and then a public hearing.

He understood and asked to be set for the preliminary hearing May 1, 1997.


NEW BUSINESS:                   Impact Fee Ordinance Development Committee


                                        Sludge and BioSolids

The Board was in agreement to let these subjects go until next meeting when Chairman Adams was back.

Also noted was it is election  or reelection time for chairman.

Motion was made to adjourn

                        Arey/Scott                      (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 10:05pm


                                                Respectfully submitted,

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