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Planning Board Minutes 07/11/1996
JULY 11, 1996

PRESENT:  Chairman Paul Adams, Stan Brehm, Stephen MacCleery, Tracy Scott, Jeff Jordan, Ron Lesieur, Doug Hamel, Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Adams called the meeting to order at 7:07pm and announced that Mr. Giuda and Mr. Andrews had both informed him they would not be attending the meeting.  Mr. Scott and Mr. Brehm both alternates will be voting members tonight.

Chairman Adams requested the Board to review the minutes.

Motion was made to accept the minutes with one correction.

                MacCleery/Lesieur     (Passed)

PUBLIC HEARING:                 Ron Wroblewski
                                        Site Plan Review - Truck Body Repair
                                        Map 3, Lot 29A, Dover Road

Doug Hamel stepped down from the Board for this hearing.  

Jim and Lorraine Robinson abutters were present.

Mr. Vienotte registered land surveyor presented the Board with the proposed final plans.  The plans have changed from the preliminary plan the Board was presented in June.  Mr. Wroblewski is not going to pave the entire parking area just the entrance near  Dover Road.

The Board was concerned with the wording “parking spaces” in the zoning and came to an agreement that the spaces need to be at the building.

The Board requested that a driveway and parking area be placed on the property rather than a large strip at the entrance of the property.  Mr. Wroblewski was in agreement and the plan will be changed.  Mr. Wroblewski will also have a pavement apron on the sides of the building ten (10) feet out.

Mr. Robinson voiced great concern about water flow off from the project as his property is now the extra water run off could cause Mr. Robinson some problems.  Selectman


Jordan made it clear that the problem was a culvert on Mason Road and the town would have that fixed as soon as they could.

The Board states again to Mr. Wroblewski the septic and well must be on the plan.

Mr. Wroblewski will also need to get a driveway permit.

The Town Engineer will also need to review the new plans after all revisions have been completed.

The property has not changed hands, Mr. Wroblewski will ask the bank what they need from the Board to make the sale final.

Motion was made to continue the Public Hearing  to August 1, 1996.

                Brehm/Lesieur    (Passed)

PRELIMINARY HEARING:                    William Briggs
                                                Site Review - Agricultural in Commercial Zone
                                                Map 8, Lot 37, Carpenter Road

Mr. Briggs presented the Board with site review plans.

The Board reviewed the minutes of May and June of 1995 when Mr. Briggs was last before the Board.

Chairman Adams stated to Mr. Briggs that one of the concerns of the Board was the driveway and the impact on Carpenter Road.

Mr. Briggs stated that the Board told him six(6) feet of pavement was adequate for the entrances of his driveway and that is what is on the preliminary plan.  The Board was in agreement that six (6) feet was not adequate and would need to be lengthened to either seventy (70) feet of pavement or ten (10) feet of pavement and the rest of the drive gravel.

Trucks will be moving in and out five (5) to six (6) times per week.

Agricultural can bring in 50% dollar value in goods to resell.


Mr. Briggs understood the pavement requirements and the name correction on the abutter.

Motion was made to accept the preliminary plan with minor changes.

                Hamel/Scott              (Passed)

DISCUSSION:                             Carl Mahlstedt
                                                Goosebay Lumber
                                                Additional Storage Building
                                                Map 4, Lot 157, Dover Road

Mr. Mahlstedt presented the Board with a sketch of his property and the buildings existing and the new 60 X 80 foot poll barn.

Mr. Mahlstedt intends to have the building closer to the road for visibility.

After discussion the Board was in agreement a site review is needed.

Mr. Mahlstedt will be scheduled for Preliminary Hearing August 1, and Public Hearing September 5, 1996.

Motion was made to adjourn at 9:30pm

                Hamel/Brehm               (Passed)

                                                        Respectfully submitted,

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