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Planning Board Minutes 05/02/1996



MAY 2, 1996

PRESENT:  Chairman Paul Adams, Brandon Giuda, Doug Hamel, Jeff Jordan, Jeff Andrews, Ron Lesieur, Stephen MacCleery, Stan Brehm, Secretary Andrea Deachman

Chairman Adams called the meeting to order at 7:09pm and requested the Board review the minutes of April 4, 1996.

Motion was made to accept the minutes with minor changes.

                MacCleery/Giuda          (Passed)

PUBLIC HEARING:                 Alice Head
                                        Rent to Own
                                        Woodworking Shop
                                        Map 4, Lot 151, Dover Road

Ernest Veinotte Registered Land Surveyor presented the Board with the final plans for the site review.  Mrs. Head also presented the Board with a letter from the Fire Department.

After review of the plans, the question remains as to whether a portable toilet is acceptable for state septic at this time.  The discussion was to put in a gas toilet in the future.  Mr. Andrews spoke with Jim Falicon from the state who replied verbally a portable toilet is for temporary use only.  The Board was in agreement to send a letter to the state asking for written documentation as to length of time and so on for the use of a portable toilet.

The Board was in agreement that no retail sales are being approved at this meeting.
Motion was made to approve the site review contingent on written approval from the state on the portable toilet and pavement within ninety (90) days.

                        Giuda/MacCleery        (Passed)


PRELIMINARY HEARING:                    Steven Davis/Mural House B&B
                                                Ice Cream (Take out only)
                                                Site Review
                                                Map 5, Lot 64, Route 28

Attorney Dennis Vashon is representing Mr. Davis.  

Mr. Vashon presented the Board with the new plans with changes in parking.  The Board is reviewing this as a possible commercial property.

The parking area is still in question as to how many spaces are required.  A minimum of ten (10) spaces for the Ice Cream (Take out only), two (2) craft shop and three (3) for the Bed and Breakfast, with the owners/employees parking in the garages available.

Mr. Vashon questioned why the persons south of Depot Road were being taxed commercial if in fact they were not commercially zoned.  The Board responded that the land owners would have to bring that up with the town not the Planning Board there could be a mistake on the tax cards.

Mr. Vashon as well as Board members read from the Zoning and Master Plan as to what this piece of property is zoned.  The Selectmen were to come to a conclusion on Tuesday, April 30, 1996 and submit in writing to the Board its findings.  The Selectmen did not make a decision on April 30, 1996 therefore the Board is unable to approve or deny the site review at this time.

The original map is soil types that was approved by the town in 1978 and is noted in the zoning on occasion to be referred to.  Page 2 of the Zoning states “If the actual soil type shall be in conflict with the Zoning Map, the actual soil type shall determine the zoning district.  With a change of use is involved you must meet the zoning requirements.

The Board reviewed the plan and questions on parking in the state right of way is a concern.  The driveway permit received by Mr. Davis specifically states the state right of way may not be used.  The Board was polled on how many parking spaces there need to be, the majority of the Board was in agreement with fifteen (15) spaces of required size with adequate space between rows and fire lanes.  Spaces 10 feet by 20 feet with rows of 20 feet was suggested.

The Board asked Mr. Davis and Mr. Vashon if they would like to go through the site review checklist at this time to make sure everything is done for the Public Hearing.
They both agreed and the process began.


The Board requests a letter of approval from the state on the septic.

Mr. Vashon does not feel a recordable mylar is needed on this site review.  The Board is in agreement to require a recordable mylar to be consistent with past site reviews.  Topographical lines are required.  The plan must show 150 feet off the building not the whole piece of property.

This will be considered a complete site review.

The following have been waived on the site review checklist:

#’s 7,17,21, and 27.  #’s 18 and 23 are modified.

Motion was made to accept the preliminary plan contingent on the zoning issue, items required, parking and site plan checklist.

                        Brehm/Andrews     (Passed)

DISCUSSION:                     Sandra Chatterton
                                        Second Shift Day Care - Abundant Life Plaza
                                        Map 3, Lot 54, Dover Road

Ms. Chatterton presented the Board with a site plan of the property.  Ms. Chatterton will be adding a twenty-five by twenty-five foot(25X25) fenced in area at the end of the building for play area.

Ms. Chatterton explained she would have approximately 19 children 6 weeks to six years old on site from 2pm to midnight.

The Board did voice some concern about the fencing and the target area at the back of the building.

The secretary will write a letter to Ms. Chatterton stating the Boards concerns about the fenced in area and that the building is approved for use as a day care.  With the approximately 19 children.

Motion was made to accept as a day care.

                                Giuda/Hamel      (Passed)


PRELIMINARY HEARING:                    John Sabol
                                                Home Occupation
                                                Computer and Student Group
                                                  travel Consultant, Fund raising
                                                Direct Sales, New & Used
                                                Webster Mills Road

Mr. Sabol presented the Board with a site plan.  Mr. Sabol and his son both would like to have a home occupation.  The Board explained that the intent of home occupation was one(1) permit per piece of property.  Chairman Adams asked the Sabols if they would be willing to combine the businesses into one home occupation.  The Sabols were in agreement.

A public hearing will be set for June 6, 1996.

Mr. Sabol also requested to move an apartment from the second floor of the garage to the first floor.  The Board explained as long as the living space did not change it was alright.  If they moved the apartment down to the first floor the second floor could not be used as an apartment.

DISCUSSION:                     Jaan Luikmil - Letter
                                        Map 4, Lot 163, Dover Road

The Board was given copies of Mr. Luikmil’s letter for review.  After short discussion, the Board requested the secretary to write Mr. Luikmil a letter asking him to meet with the Board.

DISCUSSION:                     Chichester Commons
                                        Route 4

A Board member asked to see the files on Chichester Commons because the parking area has not been paved and the Board member thought that was a stipulation for final approval.  The plan on file shows paved parking area.

Selectman Jordan will bring it to the Selectmen’s meeting for discussion.


DISCUSSION:                     Site Reviews, Home Occupations, etc.
The Board is in agreement we need to address the site review contents and do a home occupation checklist.

Motion was made to adjourn.

                Lesieur/Giuda       (Passed)

Meeting adjourned at 11:10pm

                                                        Respectfully submitted,

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