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Minutes 03/08/2017
ChichesterParks and Recreation Commission

Minutes 3/8/17 Meeting

Present: Zack Boyajian [Chair], Ansel Sanborn [Secretary), Ewen McKinnon, Tom Jameson

Absent: Joe Montambault

The meeting came to order at 6:35 P.M. at the Selectmens’ Office.

1] After review, a MOTION to approve the Minutes of 2/15/17 was made by Ansel and seconded byZack. The MOTION passed with all in favor.

2] Though unable to attend the meeting, Joe had e-mailed an update on the community building:

a) theChichester Youth Association (CYA) had asked when the community building would be ready to operate as a snack shack. Joe responded that the building would likely be ready to serve but not to prepare food for the baseball season.

b) installation of the electrical wiring is underway. Once complete and inspected by the building inspector, interior walls would be constructed.

c) trash in the area formerly occupied by the log cabin must be cleared to allow installation of the waste water tank.

d) coordination of the relocation of equipment from the existing snack shack to the communitybuilding must be coordinated.

3] Zack proposed a work day on Saturday, March 25 to accomplish some of the remaining tasks. He will reach out to the volunteer group regarding this.

4] The group had agreed that letting a contract for certain project elements was the bestway to meet the LWCF grant completion date of December 2017. Zack presented adraft bid proposal including possible elements to be included:

a)construction of the natural amphitheater including access stairs and a pathconnecting to the picnic area. Tom will provide a preliminary design for this.

b)reconstruction of the park entrance.

c)demolition and disposal of the existing snack shack and site preparation forthe expanded playground.

Based ondiscussion, Zack will work with the Town Administrator to revise this draft forthe next meeting.

5] The OldHome Day Committee is working well in preparation for the planned 8/19/17event.

6]  Tom made a MOTION to adjourn, seconded byAnsel. The MOTION passed with all in favor and the meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

RespectfullySubmitted, Ansel Sanborn, Secretary


Approved4/12/2017 Zachary Boyajian, Chair


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