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Minutes 07/19/2016
ChichesterParks and Recreation Commission

Draft Minutes 7/19/16 Meeting

Present:Zack Boyajian [Chair], Ansel Sanborn [Secretary], Tom Jameson, Ewen McKinnen,Joe Montambault

Public: DougHall, Kyle Mitchell

Meeting cameto order at 6:35 P.M. at the pavilion at Carpenter Park.

1] A MOTION to approve the minutes of May 11, 2015 was made by Joe and seconded by Tom. TheMOTION passed with all in favor.

2]  Kyle presented his proposal for fund raising and construction of his Eagle Scout Project at the park. Supported by volunteerism and an estimated $700. of fund raising, the project will enhance and landscape the picnic area and construct three trailside benches. Kyle expects construction to be completed by spring of 2017.

A MOTION to accept Kyle’s proposal was made by Joe and seconded by Tom. The MOTION passed with all in favor.

3] Doug presented a status report on the walking trails initiative. Each of the three proposed trails has one or more property owners who have either refused permission to cross or been unresponsive to requests. Since this was a one year pilot program, the group discussed options going forward.

Though the initiative supports a goal of the Recreational Master Plan to provide a townwide trail system, at this time the level of effort required cannot be maintained while completing the ongoing park project. The group decided that shorter trail sections should be evaluated as access to or connectors between Town properties while the overall town wide trail project should be evaluated in the future.

Doug will prepare letters to all previously contacted property owners explaining the decision to discontinue the trails initiative at this time.

4] Joe presented a concept sketch for the expanded playground prepared by playground consultant JP LaRue based on using the donated playground equipment to construct five ground based activity areas. Mr. LaRue felt that this arrangement would provide an enhanced play area while being the most cost effective use of the equipment that met both ADA and town insurance requirements.

Mr. LaRuewill provide an estimate of the value of the donated equipment as well as estimates for parts and hardware to complete the expansion.

5] Joe provided a status update for the community building. Once the siding is complete, the 42” wide outside stairs will be constructed. Access to the second floor storage will allow removal of the log cabin. Joe Amour is working on the electrical requirements which will clear the way for interior finish.

6] Zack provided an update on this year’s “downsized” Old Home Day [OHD]. From theParks and Recreation perspective, some areas for improvement for OHD include: make the community building as complete as possible; leaf blow/ seal the basketball court surface; and York rake the perimeter trail.

Zack made aMOTION seconded by Ansel that two additional portable toilets be funded from the Parks and Recreation budget for OHD. The MOTION passed with all in favor.

7] Chichester’s Master Plan is currently being updated. Zack will distribute the Recreation Master Plan to Commission members for their review and proposed changes.

8] Upon completion of the new community building, the existing snack shack will be removed. To guard against contamination, an asbestos survey will be needed for the snack shack. Zack will contact the contractor employed by the State of NH to get a quote for this work.

9] Since the completion date for the LWCF Grant is the beginning of 2017 and work will need to continue beyond that date,  Ansel will draft a letter to DRED requesting an extension of the completion date .

10] Joe made a MOTION to adjourn seconded by Ewen. The MOTION passed with all in favor and the meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM.

Respectfully Submitted, Ansel Sanborn, Secretary


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