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Minutes 10/17/2016
Chichester Parks and Recreation Commission

Minutes 10/17/16 Meeting

Present: Zack Boyajian [Chair], Ansel Sanborn [Secretary), Joe Montambault, Ewen McKinnen
Absent: Tom Jameson

The meeting came to order at 6:35 P.M. at the Selectmens’ Office.
1] After review, a MOTION to approve the Minutes of 8/17/16 was made by Zack and seconded by Ewen. The MOTION passed with all in favor.

2] After review, a MOTION to approve the minutes of 9/14/16 was made by Zack and seconded by Ewen. The MOTION passed with all in favor.

3] Zack reviewed the telephone quotes and company qualifications received for the asbestos survey of the existing snack shack at Carpenter Park. Information was received from:
        RPF of Northwood, NH
        Northeast Environmental Labs of Hampton, NH
        Scott Lawson Group of Concord, NH
After discussion, Zack made a MOTION, seconded by Ewen, to select RPF of Northwood, NH for the asbestos survey. The MOTION passed with all in favor.

4] Zack reviewed the status of the current annual maintenance budget. After discussion, the group’s consensus was to continue our practice of purchasing fertilizer, lime, and stone dust and to try a trail stabilization product. Ansel made a MOTION, seconded by Ewen, to purchase maintenance materials including fertilizer, lime, stone dust, and trail stabilization material for an amount not to exceed the available maintenance budget. The MOTION passed with all in favor.

5] Joe reported that work on the LWCF project continues with installation of footings for the outside stairs for the community building, removal of the log cabin, installation of three trailside benches, and meetings with Joe Armour on electrical wiring for the community building. Next steps include completion of the aluminum trim, completion of the outside stairs, installation of the wastewater tank, and installation of the new water line from the well to the building.

6] Zack is preparing information for this year’s progress payment request to DRED for the LWCF project. Volunteer time, the patio paver project, building material purchases, donations from the Comcast Day of Giving, and the Eagle Scout project were among this year’s donations to be used to access matching LWCF funds. Action is still pending from DRED on our request for a two year time extension for the LWCF project.

7] Zack reported that representatives of the Parks and Recreation and Conservation Commissions had met with Jeff Meehan to view a potential walking trail route suggested by Jeff between the Town Offices and the Library. After walking the route, the consensus of the group was that it made sense and will be explored further.

8] To meet the schedule for the Town of Chichester’s Master Plan update, the Recreation Master Plan must be updated and submitted by November 1, 2016. Zack and Ansel drafted revisions to the plan based on progress to date and reviewed these revisions with the Parks and Recreation Commission members for their comment. Ansel agreed to incorporate changes from this process and to send to the members for further review.

9] Ansel made a MOTION to adjourn, seconded by Ewen. The MOTION passed with all in favor and the meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.

Respectfully Submitted, Ansel Sanborn, Secretary

Approved at November 9, 2016 meeting

Zachary Boyajian, Chair

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