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Draft Minutes 12/9/15 Meeting

Present: Zack Boyajian [Chair], Ansel Sanborn [Secretary], Tom Jameson, Ewen McKinnen, Joe Montambault

Absent: Philip Hitchcock, Tara Blaney

Meeting came to order at 6:50 P.M. at the Town Offices. The beginning of the meeting had been delayed by the Board of Selectmen’s requested presentation of the proposed 2016 budget request by the Parks and Recreation Commission.

1] A MOTION to approve the minutes of November 11, 2015 was made by Ewen and seconded by Tom. The MOTION passed with all in favor.

2]  LWCF Phase 2 Project:

A] Joe reported that the community building had been framed and roof rafters installed over the past several weekends due to an excellent effort by a variety of volunteers. The goal is to complete roofing and installation of doors and windows to make the building weather tight by the end of the year.

B] Joe described a possible fund raiser to be sponsored by Chichester Youth Association to provide matching funds for the LWCF grant. The CYA will sell 12” X 12” personalized, granite pavers that will create a wrap-around patio at the serving windows of the community building.

C] The completion date for the grant is December, 2016. Tom will contact DRED Parks and Recreation staff regarding an extension of the completion date. Ansel will prepare a draft schedule of tasks to complete the grant project for discussion at the next meeting.

D] Zack will gather financial and volunteer information in order to make application to DRED for progress payment for the grant.

5] Zack will continue to investigate materials for binding the trail surface. Three sections of the trail have proved problematic for erosion and need additional attention.

6] Joe will contact Philip to gather the information that he had compiled on manufacturers of the donated playground equipment. Installation of the equipment is a major goal of next year’s work.

7] A newspaper article will be prepared after the New Year to brief the public on progress and plans for Carpenter Park prior to town meeting.

8] With no further business, Ansel made a MOTION to adjourn with a second from Tom. With all in favor, the MOTION passed and the meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.

Respectfully Submitted, Ansel Sanborn, Secretary

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