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Minutes 06/17/2015
Chichester Parks and Recreation Commission
Draft Minutes 6/17/15 Meeting

Present: Zack Boyajian [Chair], Ansel Sanborn [Secretary], Tom Jameson, Ewen McKinnon, Joe Montambault

Absent: Tara Blaney, Philip Hitchcock

Public: Doug Hall, Patricia Milligan

Meeting came to order at 6:35 P.M. at the Town Offices.

1] Patricia Milligan attended the meeting to provide feedback on her experiences as a landowner on Chichester’s first walking path. Her brother, Allan Mayville, had given verbal approval to use the path but would not sign an approval letter. Although a letter was sent to Lynn Mayville, the owner of record, a letter was not sent to Patricia Milligan the current resident. Milligan’s primary concerns were liability of the property owner and use of their pond via the mapped “spur trail”. State law protects property owners from liability if they allow recreational use such as the walking path. As Ms. Milligan requested, the “spur trail” will be removed from the walking path map. The Commission thanked Ms. Milligan for her input.

2] Doug Hall provided a detailed update on the walking path initiative:

        A] The Lane Road to Dover Road section property owner permissions expire in July. Property owners were invited to extend the path permissions by a year or indefinitely. Six property owners had responded. Three extended permission indefinitely, two extended permission for one year, and one owner declined permission. Doug will follow up with the owner who declined. Zack will contact the four owners who have not yet responded.

        B] The proposed path from Lane Road to the Spaulding lot was discussed as the next priority section. Letters describing the initiative and inviting property owners to a July 22 informational meeting at 6:30 at the Town Offices will be prepared and sent in June.
The Commission thanked Doug for his leadership and efforts in this walking path initiative.

3] A MOTION to approve the minutes of May 15, 2015 was made by Tom and seconded by Ewen. The MOTION passed with all in favor.

4] Joe reported on progress on the Community Building. Bids for materials have been received. After a review and discussion of the bids, Ansel made a MOTION seconded by Ewen to recommend to the Selectmen that Big Jim’s be contracted to supply materials for the Community Building. The MOTION passed with all in favor.

The request from Mr. Bill O’Connor to acquire the log cabin at the park was discussed. Since the cabin is in poor condition and is surplus to our needs, the consensus of the group was to recommend to the Selectmen donating the cabin to Mr. Bill O’Connor.

Zack planned to attend the Selectmen’s meeting of 6/23/15 to discuss the issues of materials bids and the log cabin.

5]  Zack provided an update on park maintenance activities:

-preliminary investigation of work needed for fence installation above the rock slope revealed that post installation may require power equipment. Options for fencing were discussed.
-the playground equipment relocation to the Highway Department was scheduled for Saturday, June 27.
-Zack will continue searching for a trail repair material alternative to stone dust.
-the pilot project to control invasive species through the use of goats and sheep will soon be underway.

6] The issue of trash removal by adult sports teams was discussed. Joe will remind the team coordinators that the park is a “carry in, carry out” facility.

8] With no further business, Ansel made a MOTION to adjourn with a second from Ewen. With all in favor, the MOTION passed and the meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ansel Sanborn, Secretary

Approved July 22, 2015
Zachary Boyajian, Chair

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