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Minutes 08/13/2014
Chichester Parks and Recreation Committee
Draft Minutes
August 13, 2014

Present: Ansel Sanborn (vice chair), Philip Hitchcock (secretary), Richard DeBold, Tom Jameson

Absent: Zack Boyajian (chair), Todd Hammond, Ewen McKinnon, Joe Montambeault (alternate)

Public: Carol Frekey-Harkness, Ann Davis

Meeting opened 6:35 P.M

Richard DeBold made a MOTION to approve the July 9, 2014 minutes with a name change suggested by Ansel Sanborn and was seconded by Tom Jameson, with no further discussion the MOTION passed.

Carol Frekey-Harkness and Ann Davis were present to discuss the Trunk –or-Treat event currently sponsored by the Grange.

Ansel mentioned he had received a text from Joe Montambeault that the PTO was interested in participating with the Trunk-or-Treat event.

Carol stated that the event was relatively easy and thought the event could use some more advertising/flyers to reach out more to the kids as the first year had about 35 vehicles participate,  yet another year it snowed and another was very cold. Carol felt that if Chichester Parks and recreation was to oversee the event it would be more successful. Carol stated that the only expenses the event had was prizes for best costumes and some restaurant gift cards. Carol informed the commission that the Fire Department is involved with the event yearly.

Richard asked if Carol had worked with the school and Carol stated it worked to give flyers to the teachers. Carol and Ann informed the commission the event procedures giving details on how the event worked. Carol acknowledged its success when advertised as Hannah had done in the past for the event.

Richard stated that there needed to be a contact person/Leader on the P&R and that it would be discussed at the next scheduled meeting.

Philip stated that there were several people that would like to participate if the P&R would oversee the event including: Richard DeBold, Carol Frekey-Harkness,

Ann Davis, Philip Hitchcock, Joe Montambeault and now possibly the PTO.

Chichester Footpaths were discussed and the commission went over the proposed plan that the P&R voted on at its July meeting to endorse.

Submitted by Doug Hall, the proposed plan was read to create a set of walking paths in the town Chichester for the townspeople to enjoy in the spring, summer, and fall, testing the concept by utilizing the existing snowmobile route between the intersection of Lane Road and Smith Sanborn Road near the Hess gas station.

A list of 11 properties with tax map lot #’s crossed by the proposed test route was read allowed by Ansel.

A Footpath Permission Agreement form was presented for the commission to review. A date and time for a public meeting is to be held at the Grange Hall,

September 10, 2014 @ 7:00 P.M. Doug Hall will host the meeting. (A backup date was set for September 17, 2014). The P&R scheduled meeting is @ 6:30 P.M.  
The phase ll grant status was mentioned; more information was needed in order to be submitted.

Ansel stressed that we have three years to use the funds and feels that one of the first things to do is accept the donation of the playground equipment from Frank Merrill and relocate it to town property. Richard stated that maybe it could be stored at the town shed property and discussion ensued regarding the movement of the equipment. Philip would check with NHRPA to see if a value could be gotten for the donation of the equipment.

Ansel stated a second priority was the construction of a permanent fence where the “orange snow fence” had been on the embankment.

Further things needing to be discussed were working over winter, the location of the new snack shack building, design for waste water treatment and how this
integrates with the playground equipment.

Philip asked about John and Carol Harkness being invited to a meeting regarding the issues and safety of the well and would ask Zack the status.
Ansel stated that the P&R commission needs to consider the long term issues of maintenance and recommended that we discuss the finances having that a permanent part of the budget as the park expands.

It was suggested that the use of the trails and the possible grading of them twice yearly was something for the commission to think about as well as the cost that goes along with it.

Richard brought up that Phase l was more land issues with its projects vs. Phase ll that will be involving more maintenance issues with its projects.
Ansel brought up an idea for the parking issue down the center row of the lot. For a little more organization of vehicles an option could be to place tire rims that have a post in them connected together with rope, being removable for winter plowing.

With no further business Tom Jameson made a MOTION to adjourn with a second from Richard DeBold and all in favor the MOTION passed and the Meeting adjourned at 8:10 P.M.

Next meeting date is September 10, 2014 - Grange Hall 6:30 P&R, 7:00 public information session.

Respectfully submitted,

Philip Hitchcock, Secretary

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