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Minutes 07/09/2014
Chichester Parks and Recreation Commission
Draft Minutes
July 9, 2014

Present: Zack Boyajian (Chairman), Ansel Sanborn (Vice Chairman), Philip Hitchcock (Secretary), Richard DeBold, Joe Montambeault (Alternate), Todd Hammond

Absent: Tom Jameson, Ewen McKinnon

Public: Doug Hall

Meeting came to order at 6:35 P.M.

A MOTION to approve the minutes of June 11, 2014 was made by Ansel Sanborn and seconded by Zack Boyajian with all in favor the Motion carried.
Zack opened a discussion on having a booth at Old Home Day 2014, Ansel thought it was a good idea however felt P&R didn’t have things in place this year to support a booth such as bags for dogs being walked in park to be handed out, P&R phase ll information and plans to show for the proposed snack shack, proposed new rules for the use of Park etc... The group agreed to not have a booth this year.

Philip brought up a question asked of Hannah West, chair of the Old Home Day Group regarding trunk or treating. Would the Parks and Recreation be willing to take over this event starting this fall? The Grange has been the sponsor and would like to turn it over to the P&R. The group felt that it has a lot going on but is willing to consider overseeing the event if interest was expressed by others to “run it”. Joe was interested and would bring up the subject at the next CYA meeting, Richard said he would partake and Philip said he would like to see it happen and would ask Carol Frekey-Harkness if she would be willing to come to the next scheduled Parks and Rec meeting to inform the group of what and how it usually takes place. The group agreed if there was enough interest at the next meeting that they would oversee the event staring this fall.

There was some discussion regarding the P&R calendar on the town website and that there should be one contact person to give information to be listed on website. As secretary for P&R the group felt that Philip would be the contact for information to be given as Zack and Richard have both had requests for the use of the park.

Todd Hammond made a Motion to spend $60. 00 seconded by Joe Montambeault for Chichester Parks and Recreation to join the New Hampshire Recreation and Parks Association brought up by Philip who has been working with David Gill the director of Concord Parks and Recreation to gather information for forms, policies and procedures to use for the Town of Chichester Parks and Recreation Commission. All were in favor the Motion carried.

Zack discussed Footpath information with Doug Hall. Having looked over the information Doug had given thought it was acceptable. Doug said he put together drafts and feels he has done what he could and asked if the Commission was ready to proceed with the list of properties being ready in about a month or so. Lane Rd. to Hutchinson Rd. has been “mapped out” and a test case could be done in October or November. It was mentioned that a meeting should be held for public relations. Todd’s feedback was do we need to put this off until spring. Richard would inform the Board of Selectmen what was going on with the FOOTPATHS Project.

Richard made a Motion to have the Parks and recreation commission take on the preliminary planning and development of Foot Paths in the town of Chichester and to hold a public informational meeting. Todd Hammond seconds with no discussion the Motion carries.

In further discussion the group agreed to have a trial “trail test” behind the Hess gas station to Lane Road and that those property owners would be invited to a meeting in September. Doug will put together a program plan and will e-mail to Ansel to overlook for P&R August 13, 2014 meeting.
Zack provided a list of things to look at in park that need to be repaired. Richard mentioned the tree growth in the picnic area and Zack said he would reach out to see if Steve the forester would help fix the washed out trails.

Zack asked Joe permission for the use of the tractor and said he looked forward to P&R having our own tractor to maintain fields.

It was decided that the group would have a work session at Carpenter Park meeting at 5:00 P.M. on July 30, 12014.

The status of the LWCF grant was brought up and Richard mentioned that maybe there would be something towards the end of July. Ansel reminded the group that there is 3 years to use the grant funds and as a priority we should rescue the donated playground equipment and move it as well as put up the permanent fence on hill area of the park.

Zack stated he has some plants to put in the park maybe in the fall; Joe asked Todd for the use of his spreader and mentioned that he limed and fertilized the entire park. Joe said the CYA supplied the fertilizer this time and P&R could supply it for the fall.

Richard mentioned that CYA has taken care of the trash during their season but the P&R needs to empty the individual trash cans into the large dumpster. If any of the group is at the park it would be nice to help out and empty them ourselves until CYA season begins again.

Richard brought up the difficulty of parking and the issue brought up at the selectmen meeting regarding the parking in the handicap spaces on far side of the field.

He will be getting with Jim the road agent and have two signs put up at the entrance that say handicap parking only.

There was no further discussion and a Motion was made by Todd Hammond to adjourn with a second from Zack Boyajian with all in favor the Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned 8:00 P.M.

Next scheduled meeting is August 13, 2014

Respectfully submitted,

Philip Hitchcock, Secretary

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