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Minutes 06/11/2014
Chichester Parks and Recreation Commission
Draft Minutes
June 11, 2014

Present: Ansel Sanborn (Vice Chairman), Philip Hitchcock (Secretary), Tom Jameson, Ewen MacKinnon

Absent: Zack Boyajian (Chairman), Richard DeBold, Joe Montambeault (Alternate), Todd Hammond

Meeting came to order at 6:35 P.M.

A MOTION to approve the May 14, 2014 minutes with minor corrections and a vote count change was made by Tom Jameson. The MOTION was seconded by Ewen MacKinnon all were in favor and the MOTION carried.

Zack gave Ansel a list of items to discuss in his absence at the meeting.
-Upper picnic area tree/brush clearing and stump grinding
-Well house repairs
- Fence replacement above stone embankment
-Trail board walk drainage grading, expansion
-Brush pile burn
-Trail rehab and marking on town shed parcel

The group suggested the members review the list, tour the park on their own, note other issues of concern and present that information at next meeting for a possible volunteer day.

Ansel stated Zack had discussed the well house issues with the property owners and that they were willing to work with Parks and Rec to help find solutions and would like to have continued access. The group suggested that the owners be invited to the next scheduled meeting on July 9th to discuss their thoughts for replacing the well house and since Zack had started the conversation maybe he would be willing to invite them. Ansel wondered if Environmental Services could be enrolled to find some alternatives.

Meeting policies were discussed and the majority of the group felt there was good reason to hold meetings on a monthly basis the day they are scheduled and possibly discuss at the next meeting an amendment to charter to allow meetings with out the Chair and Vice Chair present. A second alternate was suggested. Philip mentioned that since Doug Hall was involved with the footpaths maybe he would be interested in being the alternate. Tom stated he would like to work with Doug on the trail project and Philip would make the effort to inform Doug. Everyone thought Doug was doing a great job and acknowledged all his efforts.
The upper picnic area was mentioned, stumps were still there and bushes were starting to grow. Ewen mentioned the barberry proliferation in the wetland and thought he might talk with Jim the road agent and the conservation commission regarding the use of organic herbicides as an option. The group felt the issue should be raised and through the conservation commission.

The use of signs to mark trails directing users were discussed with Tom mentioning how nice the flowers planted by the Heritage commission looked.
Ansel brought up the idea of having the parking lot marked to delineate an additional center row of parking.

Philip brought up the calendar now available on the P & R town website being ready to start the listing of events and park usage for general public knowledge and told the group of the discussion he had with the Director of Concord Parks and Recreation Department. He was working on getting forms and information to use for the Chichester P & R structure and use guidelines the group voted to set up. He mentioned that there is a NH Recreation and Parks Association that meets monthly in Concord and it might be something the group discusses with given additional information he will supply at the next scheduled meeting.

The subject came up regarding the different school of thoughts on the booking of events with Richards mention from a previous meeting about the customer friendly way that has been the process to Zack’s preferred way of going through meetings with a proper procedure in place to have things recorded in minutes. The group felt this subject needs to be discussed in further detail due to continued park growth and the additional workload with a limited committee.

Ansel was given an application from the Old Home Day Committee for a booth at this year’s event on August 15th and 16th and would forward to Zack for discussion at next meeting.

No further business

Tom Jameson MOTIONED to Adjourn seconded by Ewen MacKinnon with all in favor MOTION passed and meeting adjourned at 7:38 P.M.

Next Scheduled meeting is July 9, 2014 6:30 P.M. at the pavilion in Carpenter Park.

Respectfully submitted,

Philip Hitchcock, Secretary

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