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Minutes 04/09/2014
Chichester Parks and Recreation Commission
Draft Minutes
April 9, 2014

Present: Ansel Sanborn (vice Chairman), Philip Hitchcock (secretary), Richard DeBold, Tom Jameson, Joe Montambeault, Todd Hammond, Ewen MacKinnon

Absent: Zack Boyajian (chairman)

Public Present: Doug Hall, Bob Mann

Meeting was opened at 6:00 P.M. following Agenda.

Joe Montambeault made a MOTION to accept the April 12, 2014 minutes seconded by Richard DeBold. All were in favor, MOTION carried.
Old Home Day 2014 was brought up by Philip with several things being mentioned. Liability issues were discussed. Philip asked for clarity regarding who the responsible party was for the event yearly; Parks and Recreation Commission or the Town of Chichester as the Grange although the “Sponsor” was not the liable party as he understood it.

Philip stated there were multiple safety issues and liability concerns that have been observed for the last three Old Home Day events and asked if the Town of Chichester had a rider yearly; if so, did it cover all parts of the event.

Food being served at the pavilion was of concern and asked who would be ultimately liable for someone falling ill from tainted food that got served, the vendors, the donors, the Parks and Recreation Commission overseeing and giving permission for use of the park, the Old Home Day Committee for putting on the event, the Grange for being the sponsor, the person overseeing the food or the Town of Chichester. Also mentioned was the Tractor Pull on Town Property and the Parade assembling on School Property using the State Highway then disbanding onto Carpenter Park, as well as the Fire Works event that was changed to Friday evening this year.   

Richard stated that he believed the town did have a rider and that the town administrator was looking into what it covers because the question was brought up at the selectmen meeting and had never been asked before.

It was mentioned there have been food issues at other places and events that got shut down in the past due to non-compliant food safety practices.
There was discussion regarding trails and Richard mentioned a meeting last year that was open to the public to establish a trail from Carpenter Park to the Chichester Central School. It was mentioned that Zack Boyajian wrote a letter to a family owning a parcel of land that would need to give permission in order to connect the trail. It was thought that most land owners don’t mind the use of their property, but seem resistant to enter into formal contracts and discuss issues of easements.

Doug Hall handed out maps to members showing two trails that currently go thru the town of Chichester for two snowmobile groups, the trails total approximately 40 miles. Doug stated that the Bee Hole beavers state they have 24 miles that are year round. Doug mentioned that the approximately 40 miles of trails could be walked a couple of sections at a time by a dozen or so people to map out who’s land these trails cross on to begin to get an accurate map from which to start for the town and residents for Hiking. Doug asked if the Parks and Recreation Commission would sponsor this as passive recreation.

Ansel stated this would fit right in with the Chichester Recreation Master Plan on several levels; Dated March 1, 2010 Pages 8 & 9 under Goal 4: Open

Space/Trails list some objectives as follows:
1. Creating a plan for future trails to link town owned/ conserved properties specifically between carpenter Park, Chichester Central School, Town Library, Main Street Fields and Grange Hall/Madeline Sanborn conservation area.
2. Develop and publish trail guides for existing Town Conservation lands
3. Support Conservation Commission, five Rivers conservation Trust and other organizations in efforts to acquire additional open space for passive recreation to include water access.
4. Convene a trail committee composed of reps. from interested organizations [Conservation Commission, school, snowmobile club, horseback riders, etc.] to accomplish the trail effort.

The group continued to discuss use of trails with concerns of opposition of abutters and property owners to increased use for privacy, security and liability issues.
Richard mentioned Snowmobilers having a State Trail Permission Form. Doug was willing to do more work and research and would walk a mile to see who owns the properties that the path crosses for the trail.

Joe brought up that the CYA was having a field cleanup day Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 9 A.M. and would be weeding the field, putting up signage, cleaning out dugouts and bleachers. There was mention of attempting to repair the section of field that a vehicle drove doing “donuts” tearing up the grass.
Joe also mentioned someone offered to supply fertilizer and asked if Todd would loan his “tow behind” for the job.

Tom asked if the mowing contract was all set and Richard stated it was with Tim Baker.

It was asked if anyone had walked the trails and Todd said he had about a month ago with everything looking fine. Richard said he would attempt to walk them this up and coming weekend.

The LWCF Phase ll Grant was brought up with no additional word from DRED (Department of Resources and Economic development) and the group was reminded that it was to be matched with a 50% grant.

Ansel suggested the last half hour be about the land use and measurements of the park for the snack shed and playground equipment.

The group walked around the present shed that was measured to be approximately 20’x16’. Joe mentioned that the snack shack brings in about $2,000 yet brought up that the CYA pays for off sight storage.

It was mentioned that if the snack shack was to be expanded that it may need to be placed differently to make room for the donated playground equipment.

A size of 26’x26’ was flagged off in order to see if things would work out with those dimensions.

It was decided that there was no use for the log cabin and could be decided what to do with it at a future meeting.

It was mentioned that if the snack shack was to move closer to the parking lot there would be a better view from the pavilion and room for the donated playground equipment. Thinking of the initial plan for the park, seeing the snack shack layout near the log cabin, having room for the donated playground equipment, and having a better view the group felt there were now ideas to draw up plans on paper.

There was no other business.

Todd Hammond made a MOTION to adjourn seconded by Ewen MacKinnon. All were in favor, MOTION carried.

Meeting adjourned 7:15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Philip Hitchcock, Secretary  


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