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Minutes 01/08/2014
Town of Chichester
Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting
Draft Minutes of 1/8/14
Present: Zack Boyajian, Richard DeBold, Ansel Sanborn, Tom Jameson, Joe Montambeault, Todd Hammond, Ewen Mackinnon
Absent: Sue Hartley, Philip Hitchcock

1] Meeting called to order at 6:35 PM by Chairman Zack Boyajian. Minutes of the meeting of 12/11/13 were reviewed. A motion to approve was made by Ansel and seconded by Todd. The motion carried.

2] Zack reported that the 2013 Report of the Parks and Recreation Commission had been drafted by Ansel, reviewed by Zack and Richard, and submitted to Jamie Pike for inclusion in the Town Report.

3] As requested by the group, Richard had contacted Sue Hartley regarding her status as member of the Commission. Sue had replied by E-mail that, though she continued to support the work of the Commission, she will be unable to continue as a member. The group acknowledged Sue’s contributions to the Commission and volunteerism at Carpenter Park. With regret, Zack accepted Sue’s resignation.

The consensus of the group was that either of our alternates, Joe and Phil, would be excellent candidates for the full time position. Joe stated that he would be unable to fill a full time position at this time. Todd then nominated Philip for the full time position subject to Philip’s acceptance of the nomination. Zack seconded the nomination and the group agreed. Zack will contact Philip and, if he agrees, will forward his nomination to the Board of Selectmen {BOS] for approval.

4] In response to Tom’s question, Richard confirmed that changes to the Parks and Recreation Charter had been approved by the BOS. The revised Charter will be posted on the website.

5] Discussion moved to the Carpenter Park Phase 2 Project. Though no further information on the status of the pending LWCF Grant has been received from the Department of Resources and Economic Development, the Commission has proposed a Warrant Article for consideration at the March 15 Town Meeting to add $7,500. to the Parks and Recreation Capital Reserve Fund. This funding is intended as partial match for the $70,000. Phase 2 Project.

A major element of Phase 2 is the construction of a Community Services Building to replace the current snack shack. Issues regarding the building to be discussed include the building design, building location, necessary site work, and required permits. For discussion at next month’s meeting, Joe will bring concept sketches of the building, Zack will bring maps of the Park, and Richard will investigate permit issues.

Related to the issue of snack shack replacement is the expansion of the existing playground. Richard will provide images received from Frank Merrill of the salvaged playground equipment that Frank plans to donate for use at the Park. The images will be very useful in planning both the extent and location of the playground expansion.

Each of these items can impact the scheduled uses of the Park. A final item of discussion regarding Phase 2 will be a conceptual construction schedule balancing the need to complete work with volunteers and the schedules of youth sports and Old Home Day activities.

6] Zack reported that he had drafted letters to a property owner regarding a future trail connection to Chichester Central School and to the Selectmen regarding usage of the Town owned former Shaw property.

7] Other business discussed:
        -Rules and regulations for Carpenter Park should be drafted and implemented prior to Spring.
        -Should/ can user fees be charged to aid in offsetting Park costs?
        -Should there be a central location to view a schedule of Park usage?
        -Should there be a single point of contact for individuals and groups to reserve Park facilities?
        -Philip had sent information describing the Portsmouth Winter Festival as follow up to last month’s discussion of a possible event at Carpenter Park. The       group felt we would be unable to sponsor an event this year but would pass the information to Frank Harrison.

8] Todd made a Motion to Adjourn, Richard seconded. The Motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Ansel Sanborn

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