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Minutes 11/13/2013
Chichester Parks and Recreation Meeting
Minutes for 11/13/13
Present: Richard DeBold, Zack Boyajian, Tom Jameson, Ewen MacKinnon, Joe Montambeault, Todd Hammond, Philip Hitchcock

Absent: Sue Hartley, Ansel Sanborn

Chairman Richard DeBold opened the meeting at 6:35 p.m. Minutes of the October 9, 2013 meeting were reviewed, a minor correction was noted and a MOTION to approve the amended minutes was made by Zack and seconded by Ewen, the MOTION carried.

Zack asked for current/correct e-mail addresses to send information out to those he didn’t have.

Tom suggested that we list members who are absent from meetings in minutes.

Philip offered to e-mail the Town of Chichester’s newly adopted Posting of Public Meetings and Access to Meeting minutes Policy to all Parks and Recreation Committee members(RSA 91-A2: (ll).

Next order of business was to go over the Town of Chichester Parks and Recreation Commission Charter. Richard stated he had brought to the Board of Selectmen at last evening’s meeting (10/12/13) a change of charter and mentioned that what we approved as a Board this evening will be brought back to next week’s Selectmen meeting for adoption.

Some of the changes were then discussed and are as follows:

1. Commission consisting of seven (7) Members remains unchanged however two Alternates were added and a 3 year term limit set.
2. The Commission shall now have not only a Chairperson elected by a majority of the membership but will also elect a Vice-Chairperson and Secretary, each to serve for one year, or until their successors are elected with the Vice-Chairperson presiding in the absence of the Chairperson having full powers of Chairperson on matters which become before the Commission.

Sue Hartley’s absence for the meeting was brought up and Richard stated he would follow through to see if Sue was still interested in being a member or possibly an Alternate.

Ewen brought up whether just Carpenter Park was the Committee’s interest or would we be working with other committees such as the Conservation Committee.

Tom asked if the Parks and Recreation Committee should work with other committee’s that involve Carpenter Park.

Zack asked what the Town was going to do with other properties such as Shaw Field.

Richard stated that the Commission could put something together to present what the Parks and Recreation would like to see Shaw Field used for and reminds committee that there is a lot going on and the focus right now probably should be Carpenter Park.

Zack made a MOTION to bring the revised Charter to the Board of Selectmen meeting November 19, 2013 seconded by Ewen with all in favor the MOTION carried.

Richard brought up meeting quarterly at a minimum in Charter but group agreed to meet monthly.

Member’s expiration dates were brought up as follows:

Richard DeBold and Zachary Boyajian-2015,

Sue Hartley and Ansel Sanborn-2014,

Tom Jameson, Todd Hammond and Ewen MacKinnon were expired and were sworn in by Richard DeBold for new term as members.

Joe stated he was open to being an Alternate.

Discussion pursued with Richard as Chair or Committee needing to get proposed 2014 Annual Budget with a total operating amount of $7,025.00 to Selectmen by

Monday, November 18, 2013 and continued regarding figures of expenses, increases and revenues.

Richard asked if the Budget was okay, all agree was and Richard stated he will bring to the Selectmen.

Zack stated that we as a committee need to agree to keep with the budget.

Todd made a MOTION to adopt the budget at $7,025.00, Ewen seconded and the MOTION carried.

Fertilizing and aerating were brought up; Richard called Tim Baker and the aerating unit needed to be put together. It was stated that it was not too late to aerate but that fertilizing needed to wait until spring.

Tom mentioned the Parks and Recreation Commission Master Plan should be updated because the Planning Board has an old copy to insert with things that have already been done. Zach suggests making updates.

The subject of Officers was discussed and Richard read an e-mail from Ansel Sanborn stating he supported changes in the Charter and liked Vice-Chairperson Idea as it added structure, continuing to read e-mail, Richard stated Ansel would be interested in Vice-Chairperson or Secretary but not Chairperson.

A MOTION was made by Todd to present a slate of Officers, Ewen seconded; the MOTION carried and is as follows:

1. Zack Boyajian accepted to be Chairperson
2. Ansel Sanborn was nominated to be Vice-Chairperson
3. Philip Hitchcock accepted to be secretary

No further discussion

Other Business:

Zack sent an invitation to Carpenter Park trails meeting and had heard back from John Prickett that he was not going to be able to attend, didn’t think Paul Sanborn was going to make it and had no response from President of the Snowmobile Club.

Joe brought up the subject of rules to put up for winter and stated he hadn’t seen any torn up fields. Group decided to allow snowmobiles on trails this winter so no signs needed to go up.

Todd MOTIONED to adjourn Ewen seconded and MOTION carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Philip Hitchcock
Approved December 11, 2013

Zack Boyajian, Chairman

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