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Minutes 12/11/2013

Present: Zack Boyajian, Ansel Sanborn, Todd Hammond, Ewen MacKinnon, Tom Jameson, Philip Hitchcock

Absent: Richard Debold, Joe Montambeault, Sue Hartley

Meeting called to order at 6:32 by Chairman Zack Boyajian.

The group discussed the presentation of the Parks and Recreation Proposed Annual Budget for 2014 held upstairs in the Grange Hall just prior to the meeting; the time had been changed by request to 6:00 p.m.

Richard DeBould presented the proposed Parks and Recreation Annual 2014 Budget to the Budget Hearing Committee with a couple of changes noted. The 2nd line- Portable Toilets was decreased $100.00 to $700.00 which the P&R shares part of the year with Chichester Youth Association (CYA) and the Park Electric bill line was increased $25.00 to $350.00.

Steve MacCleery made mention of the orange temporary snow fence on the hill in the park and asked if anything was going to be done with it. Richard explained he recalled it being in part of phase 2 that possibly a wooden rail fence with about a 50 foot extension beyond what was there as a possible replacement given that the Park had gotten conditional approval for its second grant.  

Richard requested that $7500.00 be put into capital reserve fund from part of the Grant Proposal as the Parks and Recreation Department got conditional approval for a second grant.

Zack explained why some cash in reserve was needed. A repair for the fence was one example.

The bottom line for the Parks and Recreation total 2014 Annual operating Budget is $6950.00

A MOTION was made by Todd to accept the November 13, 2013 minutes with corrections, Tom seconded, MOTION carried.

Zack stated he had sent out requests for the meetings agenda but had not gotten any feedback and wanted to go around with members to come up with things to attend to.

Todd inquired about the “Shaw field” situation and what was going on. Philip explained that he had attended the board of selectmen meeting when the Shaw field (MAP 5 LOT 17) approximately 31 acres on Main St. subject was discussed. A public notice went out from town offices December 5th that the town of Chichester was seeking letters of interest for the use of the Shaw fields by the 17th and details and information was available at town offices. Ewen expressed whether or not our interest would come under Parks and Rec or Conservation.

Todd read the e-mail from the Town about the property to the committee and discussion pursued as to who would be making the decisions to the field. What would it be treated (fertilizers etc…) with, how it would be cared for and who would be making those decisions. Wondered if there should be a list of guidelines/protocol to be followed and who would set them.

Ewen inquired what other Town properties were available for use.

Zack suggested a letter to the Board of Selectmen expressing interest in town available properties with combined planning from Parks and Recreation and Conservation.

Todd expressed concern of the long term use/commitment of Shaw field and not having the land available for town people to use.
Ansel suggested by looking at the Recreation Master plan it might be a chance to look at some of the properties around town to have managed and then see what approach P&R would like to take.

Zack stated he would write a letter of interest to the Board of Selectmen that the Parks and Recreation along with Conservation would like to give input on maintaining the Shaw field because of passive recreation possibility’s with that land and long term planning.

Zack believes that if the Town has land they will sell they are to go to Conservation first and will draft a letter of concern.

Tom asked if there was any additional information on the 2nd grant, Ansel replied no.

Ewen asked Zack about the Conservation meeting he had attended regarding the park. Zack stated he had sent 10 letters out and about 9 people attended, a couple of people from the Bee Hole Beavers came, he had gotten a call from John Prickett not being able to attend, and that Jim and Michelle Plunkett attended. It was a good meeting and there was a general agreement to limit trails to snowmobiles from the group attending and will be maintaining basically a “figure 8” trail.

Ewen saw a couple of people on the trail looking at the fairy houses who had come because of the article in the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper and thought it was nice there was interest and maybe there could be a section of the park to do this again in the future.

Ansel mentioned he believes that grant monies are to be used within 3 years and that possibly some should be put into the capitol reserve fund.

Discussion ensued about playground equipment and it was mentioned that Richard has digital photos of the equipment before it was removed from the school and that Zack could obtain these to possibly see how to reassemble.

Zack went over letter written to Carol Ordway regarding the property with two lots next to park. Map 5 lots 94 and 94-1 to use some of the property for trail and town to use passively and would like to send it out. Todd will contact her son letting him know a letter is being sent out.

MOTION was made by Ewen to mail approved letter to Carol Ordway by Zack Boyajian, Tom seconded, MOTION carried.

Zach asked the Committee to please keep him posted on what issues and concerns the Committee would like to address and to feel free to e-mail him with any input one has.

Other business:

Philip gave out the correct e-mail address for Tom Jameson; 

Committee inquired the status on Sue Hartley as a member. It was reminded that Richard was going to connect with her and we should have information at next meeting January 8, 2014.

Todd made a MOTION to adjourn meeting, Zack seconded, MOTION carried.

Meeting adjourned 7:34 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Philip Hitchcock

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