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Minutes 10/09/2013
Minutes for 10/9/13
Attending: Richard DeBold, Zack Boyajian, Tom Jameson, Ansel Sanborn, Philip Hitchcock, Frank Harrison, Ewen McKinnon, Todd Hammond
Absent: Sue Hartley

1] Chairman Richard DeBold opened the meeting at 6:30 pm. Minutes of the September 18, 2013 meeting were reviewed, minor corrections were noted, and the amended minutes were approved. [The approved minutes were transmitted to Jamie Pike for posting on the Parks and Recreation page of the Town of Chichester website. Richard will provide the Commission a copy of the Town’s guidelines for minutes for community departments and boards once they have been adopted.]

2] Richard opened a discussion of the election of a new chairperson and potential reorganization of the Commission structure. Those present discussed the Commission Charter, the roster of current members, and the organization of other Town boards and commissions. The size of the Commission, the need for ex-officio representation from the Board of Selectmen, alternate members, the role of a vice chairperson, and meeting minutes were all discussed.
Richard will raise these issues with the Board of Selectmen, research State Statutes for Commission regulations, and bring information for continued discussion at the next meeting.

3] The Commission plans to co-host a Carpenter Park volunteer event with the Chichester Youth Association on Saturday, November 2 from 8am until noon. As he has in the past, Frank Harrison will coordinate the volunteer effort . Notice of the event will be through Frank’s volunteer list, the Suncook Valley Sun, and posting on the Town building sign.

Parks and Rec priorities for the day are centered on the perimeter trail: removing leaves and pine needles, filling in ruts, addressing erosion issues, and trimming trailside vegetation.

4] Zack Boyajian and Frank Harrison presented information on the existing trails on the Carpenter Park parcel occupied by the highway garage. Frank had walked the trails with a gps receiver and transferred the data to aerial photos. The current trails are a mix of old and new snowmobile trails, logging trails from the recent timber harvest, and trails seemingly cut by individuals for their own use. Frank and Zack are proposing a project jointly managed by the Conservation Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission to simplify the trail system to fewer major joint use trails with many of the minor trails discontinued.

Following discussion and support of the concept by those present, the next step will be a discussion and presentation at the November 14 Conservation Commission meeting. Abutting landowners, the snowmobile club, equestrian trail users, Chichester Central School [the owners of the logical next connection of the trail system], and CYA will be specifically invited to join in the discussion.

5] Old Business:
        A] Richard reported that he had discussed fall field maintenance with Jim Plunkett and Joe Montambeault. Their consensus was that the fields should be aerated and fertilized as soon as possible this fall. Todd Hammond had contacted Kevin Mara and secured the use of Kevin’s mower and aerator to aid in the effort. Richard planned to contact Todd to expedite this work.
        B] Zack had been unsuccessful in his attempts to contact the Garden Club regarding their plan to plant bulbs along the perimeter trail at the park. He will continue to attempt this contact.
        C] In preparation for his upcoming Old Home Day Committee meeting, Philip asked if there were plans to pave the parking lot(s)? Not at this time. Is there a sound system planned for the park? Not yet determined.
6] Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 13, 2013 at 6:30 pm. The agenda will include:
        A] Parks and Recreation Commission Organization and election
        B] Rules for winter park activities

7] Following a motion and second, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by Ansel Sanborn

Approved; November 13th, 2013

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