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Minutes 02/12/2014
Chichester Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting
Draft minutes of 2/12/14

Present: Zack Boyajian (Chair), Ansel Sanborn (Vice Chair), Ewen Mckinnon, Tom Jameson, Philip Hitchcock (Secretary)

Absent: Sue Hartley, Todd Hammond, Joe Montambeault

Meeting called to order at 6:30 P.M. by Zach Boyajian.

A MOTION to approve Draft minutes of 1/8/14 was made by Richard DeBold, seconded by Ewen Mckinnon and with no further discussion all were in favor and MOTION was approved.

Zack asked if there were any issues needed to be addressed.

It was brought to the member’s attention that Joe Montambeault was interested in only being an alternate on the Parks and Recreation Commission.
Richard DeBold made a MOTION to nominate Joe Montambeault as an alternate member, Ansel Sanborn seconded, all were in favor and the MOTION carried. Richard DeBold will forward his nomination at the next Board of Selectmen meeting for approval.

Richard will get the TOWN OF CHICHESTER PARKS AND RECREATION COMMISSION CHARTER with the revisions approved by the Board of Selectmen posted on Town website.

Zack asked Richard about money for Capital Reserve and Richard stated that $7500.00 was asked to be put into the Capital Reserve Fund and reminded members that this is a warrant article in the 2014 town report and that it would be nice for the P & R members to speak at the town meeting in March.
Richard read to the members the “check presentation for press” in the amount of $98,600.00 in grant money to go to the Town of Chichester. The Report will go into the town report.

There was much discussion regarding the parks snack shack. A possible replacement with a conceptual drawing by Joe Montambeault was shown, and the “new placement” of a snack shack within the park was discussed.

Ansel displayed a large map and members continued to discuss options for the placement of the snack shack with many considerations including the expansion of the existing playground, the water situation and what it would entail to have a leach field versus a holding tank that needed to be permitted and pumped out.
It was questioned whether or not water going into facility/structure needs to be a public water system and if there would be drinking water available such as drinking fountains which may need to be tested 2x yearly. Richard will check to see if this would need to be a “public water supply”.

It was brought up by Ansel that the students from Chichester Central School had a #1 want, Permanent Bathrooms and the CYA wanted storage.

Three potential locations were discussed by all.

Richard showed photos of the donated playground equipment that was taken before being dismantled which may be helpful in the assembly of this 2nd set of playground equipment.

It was discussed to go out as a group to stake out potential placement to get an idea of distances for safety, space, views etc… it was decided to discuss the matter further at next meeting.

No Further discussion.

A MOTION was made by Ansel Sanborn to adjourn, was seconded by Richard DeBOld, all were in favor and MOTION carried.

Meeting Adjourned 8:00 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Philip Hitchcock

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